Grooming And Grooming The Pomeranian Spitz

Grooming And Grooming The Pomeranian Spitz

Grooming the Pomeranian Spitz will not be a major hassle, despite the long and fluffy hair of the dog. To maintain a healthy and tidy pet’s appearance, it is necessary to comb its coat twice a week, bathe it as it gets dirty, and cut it from time to time. In this article we will talk about the basic rules for the care of the hair of the Pomeranian Spitz, as well as what tools you can use.

Wool structure

In the first three months, the puppies of the Pomeranian Spitz have a woolen coat that has not yet formed, while this is only fluff. Adult hair begins to grow after three months, gradually turning the puppy into a fluffy dog ​​with a chic “fur coat”. Adult hair grows up to twelve months.

The coat of the Pomeranian Spitz consists of two parts:

If the undercoat is formed from long, soft and spiral hair, then the outer covering should be straight and tough. And some individuals do not have a guard hair. But, if present, the hair is always perpendicular to the body of the dog, due to the density of the undercoat. Also, the Pomeranian Spitz has a fluffy "collar" and elegant "pants" on its hind legs. Thick coat is on the tail.

Fundamentals of grooming

By the age of three, the structure of the coat may change slightly, as well as its color. You can link this process with seasonal molting, when the skin of the Pomeranian spitz is trying to get rid of dead hair. The outer hair coat of the dog firmly holds loose hair, thereby not polluting the room. Despite this, in the days when the pet sheds, its wool requires particularly careful daily care.

But in order for the Pomeranian Spitz to always have a neat appearance and a healthy, beautiful wool, care must be regular, and not only when it is shedding. All procedures can be performed both at home and in special grooming salons.

Combing correctly

Daily combing a pet is not necessary, two or three times a week will be enough. Otherwise, you can remove the main part of the undercoat, and with it the “fluffiness” of the animal.

To accustom the baby to regular care is necessary from the first days of his appearance in the house. On the first days for procedures, you can plant a Pomeranian spitz on your knees. Over time, when the dog learns to stand still, you can continue to care for it on the table.

A soft brush that will not tear the hairs out of the dog’s fur and will massage its skin is perfect for combing. Pomeranian spitz can be combed in all directions, but always against the hair, in order to even out the guard hair.

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Grooming And Grooming The Pomeranian Spitz

The hair of the Pomeranian Spitz is mostly not knitted into mats, except in the area of ​​the ears, armpits, between the fingers, in the groin area. That is, where it is especially soft. During combing you need to pay special attention to these places. If the mats still formed, they should be pulled out or cut, but carefully so as not to hurt the animal.

During seasonal moulting, daily care is necessary. For combing need a special massage brush. But from the brush-pudherka best to give up. If its curved teeth scratch the skin of the Pomeranian spitz, it can lead to inflammatory processes and, as a result, deterioration of the quality of the wool.

After thoroughly combing off the dead villi, it is possible to slightly fluff the wool of the Pomeranian spitz-dog by hand. This will help hair not to get confused.

Simultaneously with combing it is best to use antistatic agents, sprays or conditioners. They will not only help the process, but also improve the quality of the coat. For this purpose it is necessary to choose only high-quality dog ​​cosmetics, for example, “Iv San Bernard” or “Shaws”.

We bathe correctly

It is necessary to bathe the Pomeranian spitz as needed, using special shampoos and conditioners. But we must try to do it no more than once a month, or even two. An exception is the upcoming exhibition.

Grooming And Grooming The Pomeranian Spitz

After a trip to the street, a pet should only wipe its paws with a wet towel. If the dog is very dirty, then you need to wash it in the shower, but without soap. You can also use dog dry shampoos, which are no worse than putting in order the coat of the Pomeranian spitz-dog. After using a suitable aerosol, you only need to comb it well, and there is no more dirt.

During seasonal molting, water procedures are contraindicated for the Pomeranian Spitz – they increase hair loss. Yes, and to comb wet hair at such a moment without causing discomfort to the dog is impossible.

After bathing, you must use a hairdryer, as natural drying is not suitable for dogs of this breed. Wet hair can cause fungi and bacteria on the skin of the Pomeranian Spitz.

Grooming And Grooming The Pomeranian Spitz

Cut it right

Haircuts Pomeranian Spitz have recently become popular, because they are very practical. Shorn dog does not get very dirty during walking, respectively, it will be necessary to bathe and comb it less often.

Begin to trim the Pomeranian Spitz can be after three months. And only when the baby learns to be indifferent to such procedures. If the pet does not stand still, then there is a risk of cutting it unevenly or injuring the skin.

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Grooming And Grooming The Pomeranian Spitz

Model haircut

Thanks to the thickness and length of the wool, the Pomeranian spitz-dog can be cut as you please: “under the cub”, “under the young fox”, “under the lion”. You can carry out such a haircut in any professional grooming salon, where you will not only take into account any wish of the owner of the dog, but also take advantage of special tools and professional cosmetics.

Also, some hairdressers offer along with a haircut also painting an animal. There is nothing terrible in this procedure – for this purpose masters use absolutely harmless paints.

But do not go to extremes. Many owners of Pomeranian Spitz, after seeing photos of the famous Spitz Bu, decided to cut their pets as well. Of course, the baby trimmed in this way is very cute and funny, but such a haircut can only hurt him.

Grooming And Grooming The Pomeranian Spitz

Since dogs are deprived of sweat glands, too short haircuts can deprive them of their natural defenses. This is especially dangerous in the hot season, when too shortly shorn Pomeranian can easily overheat or get sunstroke. During cold or rainy weather, it is also vulnerable.

It is also worth considering that the dogs of this breed have a very delicate skin, so a short haircut will bring many problems for the owners. For example, the occurrence of burns, itching or dermatitis. Immunity of the skin decreases sharply, and the risk of cancer diseases, on the contrary, increases.

During walks, the short-haired Pomeranian Pomeranian is an excellent target for various insects: mosquitoes, black flies. From their bites, the dog may experience an allergic reaction.

After a haircut, the hair is practically not growing, therefore it is necessary to cut the Pomeranian spitz not shorter than three or four centimeters. Moreover, a high-quality model haircut will emphasize the beauty and dignity of the dog, without harming its health.

Traditional haircut

Professional haircuts are mainly suitable for show-class Pomeranians or for lovers of extreme image changes. If you do not plan to radically change the appearance of your pet, you can try a traditional haircut.

Grooming And Grooming The Pomeranian Spitz

For this type of haircut, the coat is slightly shortened to give a beautiful and neat look to the Pomeranian spitz-dog. The owner can cut the dog himself, but if experience is not enough, it is better to ask for help at a special hairdresser.

Before grooming, you need to wash the dog with shampoo and conditioner, then dry it well with a hairdryer. During the whole process, it is necessary to constantly comb the animal’s hair with combs with frequent teeth, so that it can be trimmed smoothly.

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Also prepare in advance special scissors with blunt tips for the main hairstyle, thinning shears. In some cases, you can use the machine for a neat trimming wool.

To cut a Pomeranian spitz usually start with the head. First, the ears are treated, freeing them from excess wool, giving them a rounded and neat shape. Long hairs inside and at the ends of the ears are removed.

Then carefully leveled "collar". Now it is the turn of the woolen coat on the dog’s body – sticking out the hairs around the shoulders and waist. Trim the "pants", remove the long hairs between the fingers. All actions are carried out very carefully so as not to cut off the excess. For hygiene purposes, the anus area is well treated, removing sticking hairs around it.

The last cut tail of the Pomeranian Spitz. First, its base is treated, then the length is adjusted – the excess wool is cut at the top.

To complete the image, you can go through thinning shears on the wool cover in the area of ​​the back and tail. Also, these manipulations are performed for the convenience of the dog – after additional actions, it will be convenient for her to hold the tail on her back.

Show haircut

To prepare the Pomeranian for the exhibition, you need to know a few rules.

For bathing before cutting such cosmetics are selected that are easily and completely washed out of the coat. The show judge should not notice any signs of grooming.

During the haircut, you need to keep almost the entire undercoat. Therefore, it is not clipped, but slightly trimmed.

Grooming And Grooming The Pomeranian Spitz

With the help of a haircut, you need to give the Pomeranian spitz-dog a shape that fully meets the standard. At the same time it is necessary to hide the weaknesses and emphasize the dignity of the dog.

And most importantly, after the fulfillment of all the rules, it is necessary to ensure that the Pomeranian dog does not look shorn. Therefore, it is best to turn to professionals.


Proper care of the Pomeranian Spitz will provide a beautiful and tidy appearance of the dog. Accurate and shiny animal hair is a guarantee of health and possible success at exhibitions.

Tell us in the comments, how do you care for your dog’s coat?

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