Getting Rid Of Dog Hair With A Furminator

If you have a dog, this means that, most likely, you know the problem of wool, especially during the molting period. It is everywhere: it accumulates on the floor, collects on furniture, “decorates” clothes, even goes to food! Do you have a brush for carpet, for furniture, for clothing, and maybe some other special tools. There is, however, a device that allows you to drastically reduce wool domination, to help your pet and everyone living in an apartment or house. A relatively recent invention is a special comb for dogs called a furminator.

This is not an ordinary dog ​​brushing brush, with the help of this tool you can save your pet from most of the faded wool in several steps. Furminator for dogs – what is it, how to choose the right one and use it?

What is it

By sight the furminator for dogs reminds rake – the teeth on the working surface, which is attached to the handle. With the help of these teeth, the falling out hair is removed without grabbing the guard and outer hairs, and the fur remains beautiful and well-groomed. In the case of the Pukhoderka, the spine is torn and confused, especially if the combing experience is small or the brush teeth are bent.

Getting Rid Of Dog Hair With A Furminator

Acting like a massage brush, the furminator distributes the subcutaneous fat to the entire length of the wool during the combing process, and it acquires shine and elasticity instead of greasy roots and dry tips. Another massage effect is to improve the blood circulation of the skin and provide the follicles with nutrients.

After this treatment, the pet ceases to worry because of the dead wool, which causes itching, prevents the skin from breathing and is collected in difficult to comb ticks. The procedure brings especially strong relief to long-haired dogs.

The owners, of course, also do not remain in the bag, getting a well-groomed and healthy pet and not having its ubiquitous wool, which not only brings annoying mess, but also can provoke allergies from dog owners or their guests.

Getting Rid Of Dog Hair With A Furminator

Undoubtedly advantage Furminator application is shortened molting time.

For what breeds will fit

For all breeds of dogs with undercoat and regularly shedding, you can use this unit. And no matter how many times a year and at what time the pet sheds. Even with a permanent molt that occurs in animals kept in an apartment, you can regularly comb them with a furminator, which will save the animal from excess hairs without damaging the guard hair. You can use it on wool of any length, the tool does not lose its effectiveness.

The furminator is capable of not delivering painful sensations when trimming with wire-haired pets, and less time is spent on the procedure. It simply removes the non-self-falling undercoat, without making the dog bald, as happens with manual trimming or using other tools.

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The furminator for sleek and short-haired dogs is a pleasure, they really like when they are combed out with his help. The main thing is to present the undercoat, it is he who can be combed by the device. If your pet has a breed for which it is absent, it will be easier for you to use a wet hand or a rubber brush.

Getting Rid Of Dog Hair With A Furminator

Breeds of dogs suitable for furminator treatment:

Curly and “soft” terriers (Bedlington, Kerry, Wheat and so on) should be combed out carefully or you can prefer a different tool, if you do not have enough experience, otherwise you can easily damage the skin or remove more than it should.

For animals with long, fluffy, thin hair that do not have undercoat (Yorkshire, Maltez, Falenov, Shih Tzu, Papillon), the procedure of combing with a furminator is superfluous, it simply does not make sense.

There are breeds that have an undercoat, but use a machine to care for their wool. can’t:

Criterias of choice

What you should pay attention to

  • Choosing a furminator, you should be guided long wool, to find out how long the teeth should be at the rake. Long hair – long teeth, and vice versa, because short can not cope with thick long fur. All firms produce two types of instrument – for long-haired and short-haired breeds. However, there is no standard length of teeth, each company produces them according to their own understanding. It is beneficial for dog owners: you can choose the perfect comb, based on the features of your pet’s fur.
    Getting Rid Of Dog Hair With A Furminator
  • Must be comfortable and work surface width. It can be from 3 to 14 centimeters, depending on the purpose of the model and the manufacturer. Larger breeds will fit the maximum width, while for smaller ones you should look for a more attractive tool.
Getting Rid Of Dog Hair With A Furminator
  • The working surface should be made of quality material – strong steel. It will not be blunt for a long time, it will not be deformed by blows, will not rust and does not electrify the pet’s coat. Most likely, in case of poor-quality material, they will save on sharpening, and it should be flawless, without tinkers and gaps, so as not to pull out wool, delivering the dog extra discomfort, and not damaging the skin, not creating an infection threat. Each clove needs to be examined, it is supposed to be perfectly smooth, shiny and free from damage. Animal lovers may wonder what is the difference between furminators for cats and dogs. As a rule, they do not differ according to this feature. What matters is the type of pet’s coat, and the dog is a cat, a raccoon or a rabbit – it does not matter.

Functions that do not affect performance

Manufacturers are trying to supply their furminators additional functions, which, although they do not have a direct impact on the efficiency of combing, may be necessary and desirable.

  • It is desirable that the handle for which the unit is held during operation is comfortable, This is especially true for large breeds that require large sized furminators. The larger the dog, the longer it is processed, and the larger in size, which means that the apparatus is heavier. Therefore, you need to take care that the hand is not tired and that it is convenient for both the pet and its owner.
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  • Some models have a function fast cleansing comb. Efficiency thanks to it does not suffer at all and does not improve, it facilitates the maintenance of the instrument. But it should be borne in mind that the split tool is more susceptible to any kind of damage, as well as to ensure that spare parts are on sale. If the unit is required to serve for many years, it is better to prefer a monolithic model. If convenience and comfort during operation are more important, then it is worth looking at devices with a similar function.
  • Some models are equipped with a mechanism that quickly the combs click off. The more moving parts, the greater the likelihood of breakage or loosening of the working surface. The loose parts will not last very long, especially if the dog’s coat is hard and requires trimming or long, equipped with a thick undercoat.
    Getting Rid Of Dog Hair With A Furminator
  • For updating and introducing a share of diversity in the proposed range, manufacturers constantly receive new models with additional devices and functions, for example, the surface of a single-row comb at the touch of a button changes to a brush.
  • Very controversial feature – vibrating massager. It is intended for additional massage, but in fact it can frighten a pet with incomprehensible strange sensations and buzzing and lead to additional stress.
  • There is a type of unit, which is a handle to which different attachments attachments are attached. It seems to be a saving, but, again, the more removable parts, the greater the likelihood of loosening and breakage.

Getting Rid Of Dog Hair With A Furminator

How to use the Furminator

Furminator is a very convenient thing, many owners are happy with it. If the device is chosen correctly, in accordance with the type of pet hair, when properly used, it will be very effective. Not everyone knows how to use a furminator for dogs, consider this question in more detail.

General rules for using the tool:

  • Unravel all the tangles and knots on the wool: comb with a regular comb, unravel with your fingers, using an air conditioner, and so on.
  • Before combing the dog need to bathe and be sure to dry. It is impossible to process dirty and wet wool.
  • It is necessary to work only in the direction of hair growth, the reverse movements will cause the pet unnecessary discomfort, to the extent that it can injure and deprive it of parts of guard hairs.
Getting Rid Of Dog Hair With A Furminator

Shorthair Dog Treatment

  • Bathe the animal.
  • Dry thoroughly the coat and undercoat.
  • Comb the furmer in the direction from head to tail for the growth of hair, paws – from the spine down.
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Treatment of a long-haired dog

  • Untangle knots on cleanly washed and dried wool in a convenient way.
  • Getting the dog to pose, comfortable for her and comfortable for you to work on wool, during which you can not press the combs to the skin and press down – this will cause the dog suffering, but will not affect the effectiveness.
  • Unlike working with short-haired, long-haired dogs are combed on a completely different principle: the undercoat is combed in layers, starting from the bottom, from the stomach, separating strand by strand and moving to the spine. It is more convenient to work on the principle of combing vertical narrow strips several centimeters wide.
  • process only clean and completely dry wool;
  • cover the blade during storage with a special lid, store it in a box to avoid unintentional damage;
  • Using the tool, it should be washed in warm water, wash off wool and grease stains, do not wipe even with soft materials, letting it dry on its own;
  • protect it from bumps, falls, scratches and other damage.

The frequency of use depends on how often your dog sheds. The standard recommendation is once a month, but during the molt it is possible, if required, and weekly. Too often, the furminator cannot be used, irritation may occur on the skin. For additional massage pet there are other devices, such as a brush or a comb.

Benefits of using “miracle comb”

It is possible that the owner of the dog, who is accustomed to working with wool with the help of other devices, will not see the point of wasting a considerable amount on the purchase of another hairbrush. But the furminator is not a simple comb or a pokhoderka.

Getting Rid Of Dog Hair With A Furminator

It has a number of advantages that other tools do not have:

  • the obsolete old undercoat is removed quickly, in large quantities and without discomfort for the pet, on the contrary, many dogs like this procedure very much;
  • guard hairs remain in place, the unit acts only on the undercoat;
  • for a dog with wool of any length, you can choose the right model;
  • “Miracle comb” – effective prevention of tangling of wool and mats;
  • due to the effect of massage, the blubber is distributed along the length of the entire coat, giving the dog a healthy shiny shine;
  • significantly reduced the time of activities for the care of wool;
  • molting period reduced to a minimum.

The furminator will allow you to have two components of home well-being and comfort: a clean house without wool and a beautiful, well-groomed, healthy pet. Most dog owners, having once experienced a furminator at work, tend to acquire it as soon as possible, despite the relative high cost of the device.

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