Furminators For Dogs Species, How To Choose And Use Correctly

Anyone who has dogs at home all the time is familiar with the situation when animals start to moult. The consequences of this process are depressing. Dog fur is everywhere: on the floor, on carpets, on furniture, on clothes, in the air, and what’s even worse – can even get on a plate of food. Households are constantly haunted by the thought of when this will end. Worried and the state of health of a pet, because an obsolete undercoat must be promptly removed.

Furminator – the patented invention of the professional American groomer Angie Porter, The novelty of the modern pet industry, an indispensable tool in the fight against the omnipresent wool.

What is it and what is it for?

This is a tool for combing out lost hair from animal hair when a pet is actively shedding. It is used to care for dogs with a thick pronounced undercoat. Not suitable for smooth coat (with almost no undercoat) pets. Shorthair dogs can be combed out with specially developed furminator models, if their undercoat is not removed with a special device – a stiff mitten.

It is a special brush with thin strong teeth made of stainless steel. Replaces several different tools for grooming dogs (brushes, combs, puhoderki, comb). Lifeless hairs do not shine, fall to shreds, stick together in mats. Old wool hangs in shreds, a shaggy and unkempt dog looks like a stray. With the advent of the furminator, it became much easier to solve the problem of wool in the home and make the dog’s coat look noble.

With a furminator it is possible:

  • remove old wool quickly and painlessly;
  • effectively combing dogs of any length on dogs;
  • prevent the appearance of new mats on the wool;
  • evenly distribute the natural fat grease on the coat (a healthy shine of the coat will appear);
  • significantly reduce the duration of molting (up to 90%) and the grooming time of the dog.

Such a device is relevant both for exhibition dogs and for ordinary domestic dogs.

This is a real find for pet owners. To a combed out dog it is not hot on hot summer days, as the dead wool does not interfere with intensive heat exchange and normal skin breathing. In the winter cold, the dog is not cold, because without interference a new high-quality wool grows. Choosing a furminator as his assistant, the owner will find a clean house, and his dog will receive proper care for a healthy shiny coat.

Furminators For Dogs Species, How To Choose And Use Correctly

Operating principle

The design of the furminator is simple and works like miniature rake. The main element is a durable steel comb with sharp teeth, mounted on a comfortable ergonomic handle that does not slip in your hand. The button built over the teeth allows you to instantly clean the device from combed wool. When combing, the teeth do not cut off the undercoat, but pick up dead hairs and pull them to the surface, and the guard hairs slip freely between the teeth.

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This simple device allows combing up to 90% of old wool in 2-3 applications in a short time (in just 7-10 days).

This effect was not achieved with any of the other devices previously used by dog ​​owners.


The choice of instrument category by size depends on the breed of dog:

  • category Large – for large long-haired breeds (blade 10-13 cm, weight 23-41 kg, wool more than 5 cm);
  • Medium category – for medium breeds (blade 6-7 cm, weight 9-23 kg, wool within 5 cm);
  • Small category – for small short-haired breeds (blade 3-4.5 cm, weight up to 9 kg, wool up to 5 cm).

Manufacturers Overview

Rival firms offer all sorts of instrument models for various types of wool and animal sizes. Today, several manufacturers of furminators are the most in demand on the pet industry market.

  • FURminator Ink (America) – The company owns a patent for the invention of the furminator. Produces high quality products. Self-sharpening stainless steel blades ensure long life. There are two categories in the line: Classic – reliable, simple models of the beginning of releases, and DeLuxe – modern advanced designs with self-cleaning blades and a comfortable handle. Products are expensive.

  • Trixie Company (Germany) produces analogues of original products. Different from the originals in design and width of the working area, have inclined teeth. At cost cheaper originals.

  • Foolee and Vivog (France) secured a reliable reputation. Products Foolee has 5 options for dogs of different sizes from small decorative breeds to very large dogs. Vivog company produces 2 lines of tools: classic simple and advanced. Products are relatively inexpensive.

Furminators For Dogs Species, How To Choose And Use Correctly

  • Fudminators Kudi (China). Under this brand produced classic combs. The new development is a “two in one” blade, which allows you to first prepare the wool for combing (just combing), and then change the mode using the rotary mechanism and start combing the undercoat. The kit includes 4 different length blades.

How to choose?

Furminator brush for dogs owners choose a specific animal, given the size of its teeth. The shorter the coat, the shorter the length of the teeth. Accordingly, the longer the dog’s coat, the greater the length of the teeth. The choice of the frequency of the teeth depends on the thickness of the wool: the thicker the wool, the less often the teeth, and for a lighter coat of hair, the comb is chosen with frequent teeth. The width of the ridge depends on the size of the dog. It is obvious that no one would ever think to process a small breed dog with a large tool or to scratch a huge dog with a scanty device.

For large pets, it is advisable to purchase two furminators — large to scratch large areas of the body, and small for legs, tail, and ears.

A quality tool should have rounded teeth without chipping, which will not damage the skin if accidentally touched, in order to eliminate the risk of causing pain to the dog during combing. When choosing, it should be noted that products with a self-cleaning button and an integrated blade change function will last less than monolithic ones, but most buyers choose the undoubted convenience of these functions, agreeing to some losses in the service life.

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Some modern models of furminators are equipped with a massage device, but canine experts do not recommend rushing to acquire them, as dogs do not need massage, and additional effects on the skin and unusual sounds of a vibrating device irritate animals.


To comb the furminator dog need to prepare. In most cases, combing and grooming do not belong to the favorite procedures of dogs, so it is advisable to teach your pet to them from an early age. This is done gradually in the form of a game. First you need to gently hold the comb on the growth of the puppy’s hair, trying not to cling and pull the hairs.

If the puppy is frightened, it is necessary to caress and calm him, and if he took the attempt calmly, to encourage him with his favorite delicacy. So the pet will quickly get used to the procedure and, quite possibly, in the future it will bring him pleasure.

As he grows older, the dog will begin to approach the owner at the sight of the tool in his hands and allow him to calmly comb the wool.

If you have to treat an adult dog for the first time, it is very important to carry out the first combing without traumatic symptoms so that when a furmer is seen, the animal does not have fear and anxiety. Even if it is a free-standing dog with shreds of felted wool and mats, it is better to start a few strokes with the device on the fur, without proceeding to further actions. So the dog will understand that nothing unpleasant happens in the hands of the furminator’s owner.

In advanced cases, you must first select sticks and plant seeds from the wool, and cut loose shreds and tarts with scissors. Carefully examine the animal’s skin for abrasions, bites, skin rashes, unhealed wounds. It is advisable to buy the pet, let the wool and undercoat dry completely, disentangle the hair with an ordinary comb, and only then use the furminator.

Dirty dusty wool quickly forgets the tool, quality procedures will not work.

How to use?

The furminator is easy to use; it can be used by both a professional groomer and an ordinary amateur dog breeder. Before starting work, it is necessary to properly set the comb at the level of the undercoat, without touching the skin with the blade. Slowly and smoothly carry out the device on the growth of hair in the direction of the withers – the tail, the center of the back – the lower abdomen, trying to make long continuous movements.

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Sharpening sharp blades allows you to remove small felled shreds, but if your hand feels an obstacle to the normal slip of the tool, it is better to stop and check the wool, cut off the compacted tuft with scissors and continue the procedure. Approximately every half-minute, you need to press the reset button of the combed wool so that the efficiency of the device does not decrease.

With extreme caution should be scratched over-sensitive areas of the dog – the tail, abdomen, the inner surface of the hind legs. It is recommended to gently talk with the dog, often repeating the nickname. The calm voice of the owner calms the pet. You may need an assistant to hold the dog, as he may spin and try to escape.

Other accustomed dogs can handle without any problems.

Shorthair dogs and medium-haired dogs are combed out. from withers to tail and from top to bottom from back to stomach. Long-haired dogs are layered Along the rows starting from the bottom. After passing the next row, capture the next layer above and repeat the procedure. Gradually combing all the wool to the center of the back on the side with one hand, similarly combing the other side of the animal. If the dog is calm and does not resist, then combing the richest head of hair with a properly selected furminator will take just half an hour. In advanced cases, the procedure will take about an hour.

The speed of processing with time is associated in accustomed dogs with pleasant sensations, they stand quietly during the whole process. Once a month it is recommended to scratch animals for the purposes of prophylaxis, and during the molt period significantly more often, 2-3 times a week, if necessary, daily. After the procedure, the instrument should be gently washed with warm water and mild soap, dry well and close the protective cover.

It should be noted that among pets there are individuals that any hygienic procedure leads to a stressful state.

Each time an attempt to comb a dog makes him fearful, he actively resists and tries to dodge with all his might. If your dog was one of these, you should not force the dog, shaking the psyche of the animal. The output will be an invitation to a professional groomer, who has permission to use light sedatives. The specialist will calm the wool in order while the dog is sleeping.

Anyway such a dog should not be left without care in the hope of independent shedding, the excess of the uncombed old undercoat will create health problems for both the pet and its owner.


Of the shortcomings, buyers note the high price of the tool, but the quality materials, durability and efficiency of using original models justify the cost.

For information on how to choose the furminator, see the video below.

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