Furminator For Dogs

Furminator For Dogs

Owners of dogs, to whatever breed their pet belongs, cannot tolerate the molting period of the animal.

The ill-fated fluff scatters throughout the house, inexplicably turning into unpleasant-looking clumps of wool in all corners of rooms, it is everywhere – on furniture, clothes, and even manages to get into the food. Owners of shedding animals are armed with brushes, walkers and other devices for combing out an undercoat, but even the most careful treatment of dog’s hair saves the dog’s owner from the omnipresent fluff for just a couple of days, and then you have to start all over again, that is, take up the general cleaning of your home and comb your dog again. All this bleak picture is absolutely not for dog breeders who have already begun to actively use the novelty of the industry working for dogs – the furminator.

What is a furminator

The shape is the same comb, and its main part is the blade attached to a convenient handle, which has original teeth sharpening. The principle of action consists in the following, it passing between the teeth of the guard coat, captures only the undercoat. The advantages over other tools for combing the dog immediately on the face: the teeth do not bend or break, the dog’s skin is not injured when combing out, the wool easily slips through the teeth of the original “comb” and is carefully removed, preventing the formation of tangles, and most importantly – 90% of the shedding wool is removed for one application. Owners of dogs who already use the furminator note that for the entire period of the molt they had to start combing the dog no more than two times. The four-legged favorites, they say, also appreciated this innovation, because trimming for them has now become a completely painless procedure, albeit still boring.

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The models differ in two parameters – the actual size of the device and the length of the teeth. For large breeds, a furminator with a wide working surface is ideal, and for small and decorative breeds it is better to choose small-sized devices. Dogs belonging to short-haired breeds will ideally comb the device with tightly spaced short teeth; for pets with veiled hair, it is better to remove the undercoat with a device with long teeth.

Furminator For Dogs

Popular brands and cost

The cost of the furminator for dogs depends on the size of the working surface, whether the device has additional functions and, of course, on the manufacturer’s brand. In the Russian market, devices of the following manufacturers are popular.

American firm FURminator Ink, who invented and patented this convenient dog combing device. This type of furminators is chosen by professionals, because its blade is made of durable stainless steel and for a long time not deformable alloy, which has the functions of self-sharpening. The blade is attached to the handle with bolts, which complicates its change. There are three categories of devices of this company on the market:

  • Large – suitable for German shepherds, labradors, huskies, Scottish shepherds and other large, with a rich undercoat, breeds, as its working surface is ten centimeters wide;
  • Medium – suitable for cockers, spitz, sheltie and other medium breeds of dogs, its working surface is six centimeters wide;
  • Small – The width of the working surface is four and a half centimeters, and these characteristics are ideal for combing chihuahuas, lapdogs, Pekingese and other decorative rocks.
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The deluxe series is an advanced model that has a button that starts a quick blade cleaning and an ergonomic handle. The cost of the deluxe category varies from 1900 to 2500 rubles. Ordinary classic models cost from 800 to 1200 rubles.

German company Trixie produces classic species that are equipped with a comfortable rubberized handle and blade, the width of which is seven and about twelve centimeters. Blades are changed by pressing a button. The cost of the furminators of this company ranges from 700 to 1000 rubles.

Chinese company Kudi launches “hairbrushes” with rubberized knurled handle and bolted blades with two working surfaces. One surface is designed to prepare the dog’s hair for trimming, and the second is just a furminator. Kudi sold in the kit, which includes four different blade lengths, and it costs from 900 to 1400 rubles.

How to use a furminator

No special skills are needed to use this device, there are only a few rules that are desirable to follow.

It is recommended to use the furminator for combing the dog only during the molting period, but since the dogs living in the apartments molt with different intensity all the time, you need to take a two-week break between combing the pet with this device.

Before combing the dog must be washed, dried and removed mats. Dirt on the fur of an animal causes the device teeth to become clogged.

It is necessary to remove the undercoat only by hair growth, and short-haired dogs are combed out, moving from neck to tail, and long-haired breeds need preliminary removal of the old undercoat, from which the dog is eliminated, starting to work with the lower undercoat.

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After combing, the furminator should be washed under running warm water and the blade should be dried using soft wipes. It is undesirable to use towels for drying the comb, as excessive friction can dull the blade.

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