Furminator For Dogs – What Is It

Furminator For Dogs - What Is It

Quite often, pet lovers are faced with such a problem as excessive molting, koltun, wool in animals. The Furminator is a very useful and effective accessory, it is rather easy to use and really effective, fruitful.

The furminator is a tool that perfectly helps in solving the problem of molting and wool in dogs and cats. Invented this accessory in America. Now they have done so that the Furminator became available to the residents of Russia.

Furminator has several advantages:

  • eliminates molting up to 90%;
  • stops the formation of hairballs;
  • gently removes dead undercoat, rather than cutting, as other tools can do;
  • does not spoil, does not hurt the guard hair.

Furminator For Dogs - What Is It

Furminator principle of operation

In appearance, the Furminator resembles an ordinary brush with a large rubber handle and a metal blade. In turn, the blade has an infinite number of special teeth.

Still, it’s not just a regular dog brush that doesn’t perform its functions properly, and its use was ineffective in the problem of excessive hair loss in pets.

Many have already proved in a truly remarkable result of the use of this Furminator, because it really reduces molting in animals by 90%.


It’s all about the uniqueness of the design Furminator. Its uniqueness consists in a special blade of the tool with cuts. These slits easily and easily remove the dead undercoat of your pet, respectively, without damaging the guard hair.

Furminator For Dogs - What Is It

This tool is to be used for breeds with any length of wool. But there are such breeds that the Furminator does not fit (poodles, shi-tzu, etc.), since this method of removing the undercoat is not subject to the structure of their wool.

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Instructions on the use of Furminator, which will help in obtaining the best result:

  • Before using the instrument itself, wash and dry the dog’s (cat’s) coat;
  • Place the pet in a place where it will be convenient to collect or vacuum the countless number of hairs removed;
  • Furminator movement should be along the hair growth. You need to drive it slowly, without jerking and not to press the tool in order not to injure the skin of the animal, that is, to use it as a regular brush.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE to use the tool if the animal has wounds, irritations or any damage on the skin, that is, you must first examine it.

Furminator For Dogs - What Is It


Everyone who used the Furminator tool was pleasantly surprised and discouraged by the huge amount of combed wool from the animal.

Also, this tool is often used to prevent the formation of hairballs in long-haired animals, as it is great for this purpose.

In pets, wool becomes better, silky, strong and healthy, if the natural fatty component is evenly distributed, Furminator can help, which distributes this component when it performs its immediate function, that is, removes the extra undercoat.

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