Food Supplement Grau Velcote Oil For Skin And Coat Of Dogs And Cats

Food supplement Grau Velcote Oil for the skin and hair of dogs, cats, rodents and horses. This is a natural supplement complex made from vegetable oils for animals. Velkot oil contains only natural Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in an ideal ratio of 5-10: 1. It is enriched with lecithin, glycerides, vitamins and essential natural acids. Great wool and healthy skin. You will see the result in 5-7 days!

Velcote is recommended for dogs, cats, rodents and horses:
with peeling skin, dull and weakened coat
with increased hair loss
twice a year during the molt
for recovery after childbirth or disease

With a lack of animals in the body of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, there can be observed a lack of hair shine, its fragility and loss, skin irritation and scaling. Regular use of Velcote oil maintains optimum skin and hair condition, which is especially important in the winter and summer periods of the year, as well as during exhibitions and as a preventive measure.

For healthy skin and beautiful wool, it is recommended to enrich the pet’s diet with essential fatty acids. Simply adding sunflower, olive oil, salmon oil or osellinnik to the diet will not give a full-fledged result, since they contain only one of the types of fatty acids and do not take into account the required ratio of 5:10 Omega-6 to Omega-3.

Food Supplement Grau Velcote Oil For Skin And Coat Of Dogs And Cats

Velcote’s unique dog and cat formula contains a complex of high-quality, exclusively natural Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in an ideal proportion that animals need for:
shine and thickness of the coat
skin health and elasticity
reduction of the period of molting, change of wool and improvement of its quality
enhance natural color and natural pigmentation
quick recovery after childbirth or illness

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Composition: cold-pressed African nut oil, wheat germ oil, flaxseed oil.

Food Supplement Grau Velcote Oil For Skin And Coat Of Dogs And Cats

Contents per 100 ml Velkot:
Crude fat 91.9 grams
Vitamin A 20.000 IU
Vitamin D3 2.000 IU
Vitamin E 200 IU
Polysorbate 80
A large amount of lecithin, fatty acids, linoleic and linolenic acids, arachidonic acid, palmitic acid, glyceride.

Application and recommended standards: Velcote oil is added daily to food:
For dogs of small breeds up to 10 kg, cats and rodents: 1-2 ml
To dogs from 10 kg to 30 kg: 3-5 ml
Dogs over 30 kg: 5-10 ml
Horses: 10-15 ml
The recommended duration of reception Velkot is 4-6 weeks, but not more than 2 months in a row.
Each bottle has a measuring cap for easy dispensing.
You will see the first results after taking Velcote oil in a few days. With regular use 1 time in 6 months, your pet’s skin and coat will be in excellent condition all year round.
Velkot oil is not a drug.

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