Felting The Dog’S Fur In 4 Steps

Felting The Dog'S Fur In 4 Steps

We make felting from dog hair in a washing machine: master class

Felting decorative dogs is quite possible at home, as the process is not complicated, but will require patience and perseverance. It is worth noting that now felting, which uses a washing machine, is very popular.

This type of felting is recognized as the simplest and easiest and most suitable for beginners.

For the product will require a dense form, with the application of which will be carried out heaving. It is twisted with wool and placed in golf from a nylon cloth.

Felting The Dog'S Fur In 4 Steps

Master Class:

  1. The blank of the future part of the toy is placed in the previously prepared bag of nylon and sent to the washing machine.
  2. In the right compartment poured means for washing it wool items.
  3. Sets the wash mode without soaking and without drying.
  4. The temperature should be selected at 40-50 C.

After the wash is finished, you can pull out the finished, knitted parts. It is advisable to remove parts as carefully as possible so as not to damage the integrity. After that, every detail is assembled into a single toy.

Wet felting from dog fur for beginners: instruction

Wet felting is a bit more complicated compared to the previous method, but no less popular. In this case, the wet felting is carried out from the dog’s hair using gauze and soapy water.

On the surface of gauze, according to a previously prepared scheme, the material is laid out.

To make a soap solution, you need to grind the pieces of soap into chips, preferably a couple of pieces. Next, the mixture is poured boiling water (2 liters). Everything is thoroughly mixed and left for 2 hours until complete thickening. After that, you can begin to work with dog hair, the master class of which is very simple and you do not need to attend long felting lessons in order to achieve mastery.

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Felting The Dog'S Fur In 4 Steps


  1. On the surface of the table spread oilcloth.
  2. The gauze keeps within.
  3. It is necessary to lay the foundation, then the background and the ornament of the future pattern.
  4. Threads need to lay out the cross and stripes. At the same time, it should be monitored that there are no holes in the canvas, and the material was laid perpendicularly. The thickness of the entire canvas should be perfectly smooth.

After the process of laying out the material is completed and the compliance with the intended scheme is checked, it is necessary to sprinkle it with water. Next, the canvas is covered with a nylon material and smeared with soapy water. Excess fluids are cleaned with a napkin. Next, you need to gradually and not abrupt movements to rub the canvas by hand now with plastic wrap blanks. Thus, the material gradually falls down and it turns out a single canvas with a pattern, for example, dogs.

Dry felting dogs: stages

Doggy in the technique of felting is no less a simple option for beginners. To perform the work, you need to prepare non-spun wool, as well as needles, which have special notches.

The peculiarity of dry felting consists in entangling the wool fibers among themselves, due to which they are gradually transformed into felt.

Such felting is carried out through the use of a needle, which has a triangular or stellate section. After preparing the wool, the corners and a piece of foam rubber, you can proceed to practice. The material is placed on foam rubber and begin to tangle with needles. The basis of handicrafts can be from a synthetic winterizer, which is covered with wool on top.

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Felting The Dog'S Fur In 4 Steps


  1. Working with a needle you need to be as careful as possible so as not to hurt yourself and not to break the point.
  2. The needle should be held perpendicular to the foam.
  3. In the process of forming any crafts out of felt, the thickest needle is initially taken, which is gradually replaced by more thin ones.

If there are flaws on the object, they are smoothed out by the use of additional, but small amounts of sulfur.

Master class of wool felting

To make a felting dog, you need wool, a needle, a sponge, scissors, glue, a spout for toys. In this case, the dog Spaniel will be made. Felting begins with the head. Take white wool for felting ball. Further the oblong detail falls down, and so that on the one hand it remains untouched.

Due to the unused end, the body and the head are connected. The entire head is worked through with a needle to eliminate the manifestation of joints. If necessary, you can add some of the wool. Felting is carried out as closely as possible. A line of cheeks and mouth is plotted. Spout does not need to mark, as it will be glued.

The body of the dog should be slightly bent, as it will be in a sitting position. For felting hind legs, you must first make a ball, and then give it a flattened look. Balls try on the body to see if it is enough size. Both parts are harvested and leaned on the body. Thus, 2 hind legs are made.

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Felting The Dog'S Fur In 4 Steps

Similarly, you need to make 2 front paws, and place them on the torso. For the manufacture of the tail? suitable wool black. Likewise, the upper part remains not dumped in order to attach the tail to the body of the dog. Black wool is also needed for the ears, which must have a drop-like shape. They are mounted on the dog’s head. The surface of the head from behind is decorated with black wool.

Exactly the same material forms the eyes, and the forehead should remain white. The nose is set to its rightful place with a transparent glue. For brows suitable wool brown size. Do not forget about the pupils around the eyes. Next, to complete the work, you need to walk over the entire surface of the product with a needle to eliminate hairs and defects. If necessary? too long and unnecessary hairs are cut with scissors.

Felting wool dogs (video)

Such creativity can attract both children and their parents, as it develops motility, logical thinking and spatial perception. Creating your own original toys? can i use them? as for home decoration, and for gifts to relatives.

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