Dogs With Wool Like Dreadlocks

This dog is unusual for its long hair, gathered into cords. He is cheerful, playful, charming and quite clever. Komondor – a dog with dreadlocks, a dog-sheep, an eternal puppy and a formidable guard of a flock of sheep from the attack of wolves.

Komondor is a Hungarian shepherd, shepherd’s and guard dog. One of the largest dogs in the world (up to 80 cm at the withers). Perfectly gives in to training and listens to the owner, but in difficult life moments the Komondor is ready to make decisions himself.

Breed history

Hungarian ancestors appeared more than a thousand years ago in the area of ​​the Don and the Black Sea, where the Magyar tribes herded flocks of sheep. Soon the tribes were driven out by the Khazars into the territory of modern Hungary, where later the breed of dogs Komondor appeared. Often, shepherd’s dogs crossed with wolves.

The first mention of the Komondor breed is found in the book of the writer Heltai in 1566. Further, a detailed description of Komondor appears in the works of Amos Comenius, where he claims that “Komondors is king among the shepherds”. In 1778, Michael Klein in his work admires the independent work of the Hungarian Shepherd Dog with herds of sheep. Very artistically portrayed Komondor Ferenc Pécs in his book “The History of Nature and the Learning of the Craft”, where he states: “Only a Komondor can completely trust his life. Only Komondor is able to work without supervision. ”

At the beginning of the 20th century, all canine organizations of the world recognized the commander breed. But by the middle of the century, after the Second World War, there were extremely few Hungarian shepherds left, so dogs were widely used. The breed was on the verge of extinction. We must pay tribute to the Hungarians: they made every effort to restore the breed, and the "King among the shepherds" was saved. Similarly, American breeders have made a great contribution to the restoration of the Komondor breed.

Dogs With Wool Like Dreadlocks

Breed characteristic

The Komondor is a large, muscular dog with long white hair hanging from cords or dreadlocks.

The Hungarian Shepherd has a large forehead and somewhat short head. Muzzle rough. Bite straight. Nose with wide nostrils black color. The eyes are almond-shaped, brown in color. Hanging ears, medium size. The neck is of medium length, muscular. The head is raised high and proud.

The body has powerful muscles. The chest is wide, the belly is tucked up. The tail is a continuation of the lily of the croup, when the dog is excited, it rises to the back line and takes a straight position. The front limbs are straight, powerful and massive. The hind limbs are also massive and muscular with strong bones.

The movements are light, unhurried, sweeping squat trot.

Dogs With Wool Like Dreadlocks

The puppy’s hair is soft, curly, prone to curl into cords. By the age of two, the dog has a soft undercoat and a rougher, wavy or curly coat. This curly wool, capturing a soft shade, creates strong cords, similar to felt. The longest hair of the dog is on the croup, lower back and tail, the shortest – on the face and paws. It has a white color.

Wool requires care: the dog is washed with a special shampoo, the wool can not be combed, but as the cords form, they must be separated so that the wool does not fall down. This procedure is done every 2-4 weeks (starting at 4-8 months of age puppy). Another feature of the comonorus is that their wool, even after wetting, does not give a specific smell.

Dreadlocks are fashionable youth hairstyle. Perhaps people borrowed this haircut from dogs. The Komondor, or the Hungarian Sheepdog, differs from its barking kin with precisely such cord-shaped white pigtails, which curl themselves without any help. Such a feature makes this dog attractive.

Appearance history

"Komondor" from the Hungarian language is translated as "shepherd". This title is first mentioned in 1544 in the book The History of King Astghias. The dog belongs to the ancient shepherds, in the breeding of which a person was not involved. There is an opinion that this breed appeared as a result of crossing herding dogs with wolves.

Although Komondor is considered to be a Hungarian breed, the reference to a similar dog is found in Babylonian written documents from the time of King Hammurabi. It is similar to the Tibetan Terrier and Russian Shepherd. On the territory of modern Hungary, the Komondors most likely came from the Black Sea along with the nomadic tribes of the Magyars, the ancestors of the Hungarians, with whom they served as shepherds.

Dogs With Wool Like Dreadlocks

The modern history of the Komondor began with his show career in the 1920s. During World War II, many white shepherd dogs were killed as they served in the army. Today, livestock restored, but still dogs with pigtails remain a rare breed. Most of them in Hungary and the United States.

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Did you know? Hungarians have a legend that Komondor. it is the fruit of love of the wolf and the lamb.


Komondor. This is a big shaggy shepherd with a muscular physique and strong bones. Because of the voluminous wool coat, the dog seems even bigger. It looks like a huge ball of wool, on the white background of which only the black nose stands out. The eye is almost invisible, but it does not affect visual acuity.

Breed standards

Dogs With Wool Like Dreadlocks

Type of coat and color

A dog with dreadlocks according to the breed standard should be only white. Dogs of different colors are disqualified at competitions.

Dogs With Wool Like Dreadlocks

Komondor’s woolen fur coat is thick and very dense, it feels like felt. This kind of thermal suit protects its owner from freezing in cold weather and from overheating in the heat. Puppies have a soft and wavy coat. By two years, its structure is changing: a soft puppyish undercoat and a more rigid top coat that grows all its life, curling into tight strands. These braids are impregnated with a special skin fat that does not allow them to get wet.

Did you know? If an adult dog does not cut, then 7.5 kg of its weight. these are her heavy braids, of which there are about 2000.

The dog almost does not shed, or rather, does not shed its wool. Hair falling out from the bulb remains forever in a tightly woven pigtail. Therefore, the longer the cords, the thicker they are. The longest dreadlocks grow on the tail and lower back (up to 27 cm). Thanks to this hairstyle Komondor no need to comb, just bathe.


Until two or three years old, the white shepherd dog remains a puppy and is distinguished by childish playfulness and cheerful character.

Historically, that komondor This is a breed of guard dogs that are distinguished by vigilance, courage and fighting temper. He will be an excellent watchman of a private house. This reliable guard will not let outsiders to the territory protected by them and to the owner.

Dogs With Wool Like Dreadlocks

If the danger does not threaten, this huge dog is peaceful and friendly, patient with children. Very dedicated to the owner. If he brings with him to the guest’s house, the shepherd will calmly accept him. But do not leave them alone: ​​can be aggressive. He needs early socialization.

Komondor is a shepherd who must feed the flock. Therefore, he behaves as a leader and tries to control everything: both other pets and family members. He needs a master with a strong character.

Differs in intelligence, sharpness and independence, likes to make decisions independently.

Important! In education, it is best to use only the “carrot” method: kindness and praise, without punishment, since the teacher’s aggression can lead to a dog’s aggression.

Komondor care is simple, but it takes time. This is one of the reasons why the Hungarian herding dog is not very popular in our country.

Dogs With Wool Like Dreadlocks

Health and nutrition

Komondor. strong dog with good health. Diseases that may be of concern are not numerous: a defect of the macula, eyelid inflammation, abdominal distension and hip dysplasia. There is no problem feeding a white shepherd. She eats both dry and natural food with pleasure. It is noteworthy that an adult dog eats 1-1.5 kg per day of dry food with two meals a day. If he lives on the street, then he should be given food by 10-15% more. Natural food, too, should not create difficulties, as Komondor unpretentious. He eats everything that he will be given: lean pitted meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals, cottage cheese and cheese.

Important! There are foods that can harm, so they should be excluded from the diet: fatty meat, whole milk, chocolate and bones.


Komondor. the dog is intelligent and intelligent, thanks to this the Hungarian Sheepdog grasps everything “as on the fly” and easily learns the commands. But because of this, there are difficulties. If the tasks are repeated, the puppy will quickly become bored and he will cease to obey. Therefore, training should be diverse, interesting and in a playful way. “Boys” are especially stubborn, and “girls” are more docile, they are easier to train.

Dogs With Wool Like Dreadlocks

Komondor. a breed of dogs with amazing dreadlocks

At first glance it is difficult to determine who is in front of you. The unusual look of this dog attracts attention. The Hungarian Sheepdog, or Komondor (from the Hungarian "Komondor", often called "Commander"), is the king among the sheepdogs. This breed is distinguished by impressive size, sonorous barking, majestic posture and amazing calm.

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At first glance, a Komondor may cause fear, but his inquiring glance will soon change this first impression. Komondor. guard dog. Protects people, homes, sheep. For the first time about the Komondor is mentioned in the book of 1544, "The History of the King of Astyagis" by Peter Kakonia. In the text of 1653, Amos Comenius mentions Komondor as guarding herds of dogs. In 1778, Michael Klein wrote that he met Komondors on the outskirts of the Hungarian River Rab, where they were used to fight wolves.

Dogs With Wool Like Dreadlocks

Komondor is ideal as a guard dog: he is fearless, brave, devoted, always alert. His obvious mind makes it easy to train him, although even as a puppy, he will try to outwit his masters and establish his own rules. However, after the desired relationship with the family where he lives, will be established, he will gladly adhere to the routine in the house.

Dogs With Wool Like Dreadlocks

Komondor. beautiful muscular dog with impressive strength. A long thick coat covers the whole body of a comondo. Coat of comdor is formed by a hard guard hair and a wavy, soft undercoat. The combination of these two types of pile forms cords. The wondrous coat of the komondors is also amazing because it grows throughout the dog’s life, reaching a length of 70 cm, and after bathing or rain it has almost no smell.

“Once, the Serbian shepherds found wolf droppings, gave the wolves water and began to watch them drink.

Wolfsters who swallowed water, the shepherds killed, and those who licked water like dogs, the shepherds took with them and taught to protect their flocks. From further crossbreeding dogs with these wolves, Hungarian herding dogs presumably appeared."

And everyone listened and dreamed of something dear.

The ancestors of the Komondor breed were brought to the area, now known as Hungary, by the Magyars around the middle of the 9th century AD. There are disagreements about the name of the breed, but two versions are basic: some believe that the Magyars used to call their large white shepherd dogs, others believe that the word "Komondor" came from the Italian "cane commodore", which translates as "king of dogs".

It’s time-time, rejoice in his age, Beauty and the cup, happy blade, while-while-swaying feathers on hats, fate more than once we whisper: "Mercy side". The hat has flown off 🙂

Hungarian Sheepdog one of the largest dogs in the world. The height at the withers of males is more than 80 cm, and the long white hair, rolled into original cords, makes the dog even more massive and impressive. At puppy and young age, Komondor has no wool yet braided into cords. At first, it is soft and wavy, as it grows up. becomes curly, and only then cords are formed. Wool in the Hungarian Shepherd grows all his life and in old age reaches the ground. At this age, his wool weighs more than seven kilograms and consists of about 2000 cords.

Oh, snow, snow, white blizzard, says that he loves, but I can not believe it!

Komondor is ideal as a guard dog: he is fearless, brave, devoted, always alert. His obvious mind makes it easy to train him, although even as a puppy, he will try to outwit his masters and establish his own rules. However, after the desired relationship with the family where he lives, will be established, he will gladly adhere to the routine in the house.

Komondor, or Hungarian Sheepdog – very unusual breed of dogs. At first glance, it is sometimes difficult to recognize a dog in a huge ball of wool, hanging with dreadlocks, like a Jamaican rastaman. But despite the slightly incongruous appearance, the Komondors are excellent defenders, non-aggressive towards the owners, but always ready to come to the rescue if the owner is in danger.

Komondor is a very ancient breed, whose history goes back over 1000 years. This breed was bred by the Magyars (Hungarians) in the 9th century, hence the second name of the comonorus, the Hungarian Sheepdog. Komodorov used in grazing livestock, most often – sheep. A large, strong dog was able to protect the herd from foxes, wolves, and if needed, even from bears. The long wool of the Hungarian Shepherd Dog, which fell into peculiar dreadlocks, protected it from the harsh climate: the Komondor doesn’t care for wind, rain and snow, as well as low temperatures. This wool cover served not only as a reliable protection against wounds and bites of predators, but also as an excellent disguise: try to see a large white shaggy dog ​​in a herd of white shaggy sheep.

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The Hungarian Sheepdog is a large breed of dog. Males of the Komondor breed have an average height at withers 70-80 cm and weigh 50-60 kg, and females reach a height of 66-70 cm at the withers with 35-50 kg of weight. The Hungarian Shepherd has a strong build, a massive strong skeleton and a well-developed muscle mass. According to the breed standard, the ears of the Komondor are hanging, the eyes are dark and have an almond shape, the nose is black, and a fringe falls on the eyes.

But the most A distinctive feature by which you can recognize the Hungarian Sheepdog is wool. The length of the Komondor’s fur can reach 60 cm. The Komondor puppies are covered with a soft down, but by two years the puppy fluff falls out and the coarse wool begins to grow, which gradually weaves into cords (cords, dreadlocks). Two types of hair cover are involved in the formation of dreadlocks: a soft undercoat consisting of fine hair and a thick, hard outer coat. Dreadlocks grow throughout the life of a comondo, becoming fatter and longer. The Hungarian Shepherd does not shed: even if the hair falls out of their hair follicles, it will forever remain woven into a bundle.

As already mentioned, such a specific coat He protected Komondor from the weather and animal bites. By the way, dreadlocks protect the dog from both cold and heat. This is a kind of warm wadded dressing gowns that people of the desert wear: they do not heat the body, but only maintain its natural temperature. Even if it is hot outside for 40 degrees, thanks to dreadlocks, the temperature at the surface of the dog’s body will be unchanged. By standard, Komondor wool can only be white!

By the way, the Hungarian Sheepdog does not have a specific "dog" smell. This is due to the origin of the breed. Since the Komondors were the shepherd dogs guarding the herd, the dog smell could alarm the predators. Lack of smell helped catch predators off guard. Therefore, the commander smells like the environment around him.

Komondory – very intelligent dogs with a balanced character. They not only blindly obey the master, executing commands, but are also able to make independent decisions, analyzing this or that situation. Hungarian Shepherd Dogs are brave, reliable, hardworking dogs that clearly understand their duties and always fulfill them to the end. Komondors are usually devoted to the owner and his family members, obeying them in everything. However, you will have to earn the dedication and obedience of Komondor.

The Hungarian Sheepdog is a great defender of your home and children. They are usually cautious and even suspicious of strangers, but if there is no obvious danger and open aggression, then the comonor will never attack first. They will protect children and pets. However, please note that males have a more severe disposition than bitches. Therefore, males are more suitable for the protection of the house or cottage, and for the protection of children and members of the household it is better to take a bitch.

If you brought a Hungarian shepherd to protect the territory, do not put it on the chain: Komonor accustomed to freedom of action. Given that such a dog may well decide how to act, you can safely leave her free, without a leash. Komondory rarely bite uninvited guests. They are used to beating their head. The Hungarian Shepherd dog has such a strong neck and a powerful head that with one blow they can easily break the wolf’s spine. The person in this case will get off with a fracture of, say, a clavicle.

In principle, the chest can be kept in an apartment, but it is undesirable. Like any hunting and herding dogs, movement is vital for them. Away from nature and vast empty territories, the Hungarian Sheepdog feels uncomfortable. Therefore, the best place to keep komondor is a country house with a large garden, where the dog will be able to safely run and frolic. Komondor needs long walks and enough physical exertion.

Komondor care is simple: these dogs are pretty unpretentious. However, their specific wool can fall down very much. You will not be able to comb dreadlocks with a regular comb, so you will need a special brush with sparse teeth that do not comb wool, but rather separate individual strands.

The Hungarian Sheepdog is an excellent breed for protection with a flat character. Komondor is perfect for families with small children – it is unpretentious, friendly, non-aggressive and does not fade, therefore, practically does not cause allergies.

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