Dogs With A Long Coat Description Breeds And Rules Care

Dogs are the most ancient and devoted human companions. Over the long millennia, these amazing animals turned from defenders and guards into our true companions and friends. And if dogs were once a necessity, today they get turned on just for fun. In this case, the owners do not always represent exactly how to care for the fluffy lump that appeared in their home. Sometimes improper care and feeding lead to the death of a pet, so before you start this or that dog breed, try to learn more about the rules of pet care. Long-haired pets like very many, because they are associated with something tender and kind. However, dogs with long hair, despite the abundance of breeds and the differences between them, require special care. It consists not only in proper nutrition and walking, but also in other moments that it is important to know when purchasing a new family member from a breeder. Today we will list and describe the most popular breeds of dogs with long hair, focusing on caring for them.

Dogs With A Long Coat Description Breeds And Rules Care

Features care for long-haired dogs

If it seems to you that the four-legged pet, who appeared in your house, requires only compliance with the basic rules of care, then you are deeply mistaken. The fact is that each breed has its own characteristics, and therefore needs its own approach. In no case can not care for a dog with a long coat as well as for a short-haired pet. This can lead to sad consequences and even the death of your pet. Therefore, if you start a puppy with a thick and long coat, then be prepared to spend time combing and bathing your pet. And it will be necessary to do this regularly, otherwise there will be no result from your actions.

General recommendations for the care of dogs with long hair are quite simple. Surely you’ve seen how luxurious Afghan hounds or setters look at exhibitions. Their wool literally flows along the body and pleases the eye with a healthy shine, but this effect can be achieved only with regular combing. A hairbrush for dogs with long hair should be made of wood and have rare teeth. Due to this, while combing you do not injure the skin of the animal and you can effectively remove excess wool so that it does not fall down.

Repeat the procedure should be daily, in extreme cases, reduce it to once every two days. However, in addition to this, the owner must take care of his pet’s hygienic haircut. It consists in cutting hair between the fingers, above the eyes and near the anus. But even in the very heat it is not necessary to completely deprive the animal of its cover. This mistake is sometimes made by inexperienced owners, guided by the desire to alleviate the condition of the pet in the summer heat. Why not cut long-haired dogs? The answer to this question is extremely simple. Deprivation of wool cover leads to the fact that the animal is disturbed heat exchange and it can seriously get sick.

Do not forget about the rules of washing a dog with a long coat. Keep in mind that such breeds are prone to stalling wool. As a result, mats are formed that interfere with animals. Therefore, they need regular washing, this procedure should occur at least once a week. In the winter season, you can bathe your pet once every fourteen days. At the same time keep in mind that you can not be limited to washing the paws, you must immerse the entire dog in water.

For the rest of the parameters, care for different breeds of dogs with long hair is no different from conventional ones. Do not forget about walking your pet, visiting a veterinarian and drawing up a proper diet. If you follow all the recommendations, your four-legged pet will please all family members with its friendship for a long time.

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A few words about the long-haired dogs

To date, there are about a hundred different breeds of dogs that delight with its long and thick hair. Some of them are intended for hunting, others for protection, and still others are applicable as companions. However, ordinary people conditionally divide them into large dogs with long hair and small ones. The latter is often referred to as “dwarf” and they are not cheap. Fashionable long-haired expensive dog, bought in the kennel from a famous breeder, can cost from a few dozen to a couple of hundred thousand rubles.

In this article, we cannot tell about all such breeds, but we will mention the most interesting and purchased ones. In the following sections, we will definitely pay attention to small dogs with long hair and larger breeds. With them we begin.

Dogs With A Long Coat Description Breeds And Rules Care

Dog breed Afghan hound: description

Judging by the name, it can be understood that this breed was bred in Afghanistan. In general, dog handlers characterize greyhounds as cheerful, active, playful and sociable animals. They get along well with all family members and even get along well with other pets.

Despite the easy temper of the representatives of this breed, they are recommended to buy such dogs mainly to experienced owners, because they require special care, which the newcomer most likely will not cope with.

An adult dog can weigh up to thirty kilograms and at the withers up to seventy centimeters. The color of the Afghan hound is quite diverse. You can buy a silver, black, gray or black and gray puppy. The breed standard in any of these cases will be traced.

If the family where the dog appeared, consists of several people, the puppy can choose several as an object of love and adoration. The animal comes closer to them more than all the others, but will constantly demand attention and care in return.

Afghan Hound gets along well with children, but still it is recommended to bring it to people who do not have a small child. The fact is that the dog is very shy and reacts badly to harsh sounds. Therefore, children can shake her fragile psyche.

It should be borne in mind that this breed is very difficult to tolerate hot and humid weather. At home in these seasons, the Afghan hounds were in the mountains along with their masters. Therefore, they are much more comfortable in a cool climate.

Haircuts of long-haired dogs of this breed are not contraindicated. However, they spoil the look of the animal. Therefore, experts advise to cut elderly animals and those who have already completed their show career.

Dogs With A Long Coat Description Breeds And Rules Care

Afghan hound hair care

This breed differs silky, long and thick coat. However, the owners she brings a lot of anxiety.

When buying a puppy Afghan hound should be borne in mind that his hair is prone to stalling. Therefore, without regular combing you can not do. In order to facilitate this process, you can sprinkle the coat with water. Otherwise, the manipulation of the comb will confuse the animal’s hair even more.

If the dog was walking in bad weather and looks dirty, then it should be washed before the procedure. To do this, use a mild shampoo, diluted with water, then apply a balm. It will also be better diluted. It is worth drying the animal’s hair with a hair dryer only after propping it with a towel. Do not forget that wet wool is best combed. It is necessary to begin the procedure from the hind limbs from the roots to the tips.

It is noteworthy that for the Afghan hounds, it is recommended to acquire a metal brush, but tangled hair should only be put in order with your fingers. Keep in mind that a dog often dunks its long and beautiful ears in a bowl while eating. Also puppies tend to chew them, which leads to various injuries. Therefore, it is recommended to teach babies to caps, who at certain moments will hold their ears.

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It is recommended to wash the Afghan hound once every seven days. It’s nice that the dog does not smell doggy at all and it is not prone to seasonal molting. Wool cover is being updated gradually, this process is almost not noticeable to the owners.

Dogs With A Long Coat Description Breeds And Rules Care

Long haired dog: collie

This breed is the favorite of children and is considered one of the most popular in Europe. Collies deserve this love because of their cheerful disposition and beauty.

Despite the fact that dogs of this breed emit only one leader, they are very attached to all members of the household. Therefore badly tolerate abuse and quarrels. In this case, the nature of the animal deteriorates, and it turns into a nervous and cowardly dog.

Collies are very patient, love the company and suffer from a lack of attention. They consider the property of the owner not only of family members, but also of all pets. For all of them the dog will look and guard.

To strangers, this breed is not aggressive. However, in case of danger, dogs can perfectly stand up for themselves and those for whom they are responsible.

To date, five species of Collies have been bred, among them shorthair specimens are found. However, most of these dogs have thick and beautiful coat that requires special care.

How to care for collie?

In order for your dog to preserve its beauty for a long time, it is necessary to comb it at least once every two days. Be sure to purchase a device such as koltunorez. With its help it will be much easier to bring the animal in order. After all, his hard wool, even after two walks, can pile into a huge jigger.

Keep in mind that the collie can be combed only by sprinkling wool with water. In addition, it is necessary to apply a special technology to which the dog must be taught from puppyhood.

Since the collie’s hair is very thick, then combing it in the usual way, when the animal is standing, will not work. It must be laid on its side, and starting from the ridge, combed strand by strand against the growth of wool.

Be sure to pay attention to the ears, hips, armpits and areas under the tail. In these places, the wool must be cut off, otherwise the dog will suffer from parasites.

After swimming, the animal’s hair dries very long and even if it looks dry, you should not go out with the dog. It usually takes at least five hours for the dog to dry out completely.

Dogs With A Long Coat Description Breeds And Rules Care

Imperial dogs

Dwarf long-haired dogs are among the most expensive and popular. They were withdrawn purposefully, and therefore very capricious in the care and require very serious investments. Therefore, before starting a similar companion, soberly assess your capabilities.

Shi-tzu babies, who as adults barely reach twenty-seven centimeters at the withers, have long enjoyed the great love of their masters. It is believed that the breed was bred in Tibet, but some sources indicate that the lamas took it from Byzantium. If you trust this version, then you can say that these little ones have existed since the eight hundredth year of our era.

Shih Tzu was very fond of the Chinese emperors and for many centuries could belong only to members of the imperial family. This left a definite imprint on the character of the animal and its exterior.

This breed is characterized by incredible peacefulness, pride and friendliness. Dogs get along with all members of the family, while they never single out the leader, sharing their love between all people. Other pets are often simply ignored by the Shih Tzu, so conflicts between animals are completely excluded.

Dogs of this breed need constant communication, can do without exercise and live for about twenty years.

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Dogs With A Long Coat Description Breeds And Rules Care

Features care for wool

Shih Tzu are those long-haired breeds that can be cut. Usually they are sheared "under the puppy", which gives the animal an incredible charm. In this form, the dog looks like a sweet and playful little bear.

However, with long hair Shih Tzu – is the embodiment of aristocracy. Long strands on the head are usually collected in the tail so that they do not interfere with the dog during the meal and spoil the eyesight.

It is necessary to comb out the animal once every few days, but the owners should cut out or pull out the hair in their ears regularly. Otherwise, your pet is guaranteed an inflammatory process of the auditory canal.

To make combing easier, wool can be sprinkled with water. But keep in mind that shih-tzu do not like bathing. Despite this, water treatments should be regular. If you do not plan to exhibit, then you can wash the animal approximately once every two weeks or as far as it becomes dirty.

Dogs With A Long Coat Description Breeds And Rules Care

English Setter

The long-haired hunting dog English setter is a noble and purebred dog. The history of the breed goes back to ancient antiquity and is an exact reflection of English traditions. And this is not surprising, since the United Kingdom is officially recognized as the birthplace of the dog. And this happened around the middle of the nineteenth century, when the breed was presented at one of the exhibitions.

Setter attracts attention with its unusual color. Its wool has several shades forming into spots. The smaller they are, the more valued the dog is in terms of exterior.

Since the breed was originally bred as a hunter, it is not surprising that the dog is constantly striving to explore new territories. He is curious, cheerful, energetic and very hardy. This is evidenced by his physique. The setter looks strong, lean and lean. At the same time, the dog is extremely obedient, friendly and easy to train. He is truly devoted to one host and is ready to follow him wherever he goes.

Setters are still used in bird hunting. In this case, they fully trust their instincts. The game dog is able to hear at large distances and after that it can no longer be held.

Today, representatives of this breed often lead as companions. This is facilitated by their friendliness, love for small children and people in general. However, when starting an English setter, keep in mind that this breed needs long walks, spacious rooms and company. If you can provide him all of the above, you will get a loyal and cheerful friend for all family members.

A few words about the care of wool

Canine experts say that setters are extremely unpretentious and their long hair will deliver you the most problems. Also need regular care and ears. From puppy age inside them it is necessary to cut the wool. If you do not do this, then your pet will have ticks and in the future it will suffer from chronic otitis.

The hair of the animal must be combed every day. Cut it completely on the paws, between the fingers and along the neck. To facilitate care, experts advise you to buy a rubber brush. It is very convenient for her to clean the coat of dust and dirt, after the animal is recommended to wipe against the growth of the wool with a wet towel. This will be quite enough for dogs who do not like frequent bathing and are wary of them.

Of course, we talked about only a few representatives of long-haired dogs. In reality, almost everyone will be able to choose the right breed for themselves and purchase a fluffy pet, who will give you his love and devotion in response to care and attention.

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