Dog’S Fur

The condition of the skin and coat in dogs is one of the main indicators of health and quality of nutrition. Right dog grooming It is not only a cosmetic procedure, but also allows you to identify the symptoms of various diseases at the earliest stages and consult a veterinarian in time. For each type and breed of dog has its own standards and features of grooming. The hair of York, Poodle, Shih Tzu, Maltese, and other hard-haired and long-haired dogs is much harder to care for than short-haired wool. However, if you notice that the dog is climbing wool for no apparent reason, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian.

Dog grooming

From a young age, a puppy must be taught to combing every day. This applies not only to long-haired dogs but shorthair. Combing improves blood circulation and is useful not only for wool, but also for skin and muscle tissue. Each breed has its own peculiarities of grooming, for example, the air of York is negatively affected by hot air, the wool of the poodle is quickly knocked off in mats. There are also general principles. care of coat and skin of dogs. You can not often bathe dogs, as the protective layer of fat is washed off, which takes a long time to form. Shampoo must be selected good quality, which does not dry out the skin and does not spoil the wool. It is also recommended to use an air conditioner for wool or special oils. After washing the dog is placed in a warm place or dried with a hairdryer. In order to speed up the loss of dog hair during the molt, after bathing the dog is recommended to hold it wrapped in a towel.

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For combing you need to pick up a special inventory. Shorthair dogs are combed with a stiff rubber brush in the direction of hair growth. Dogs with thick undercoat and hard guard hair can be brushed with a stiff natural bristle brush and wiped with a soft cloth to immediately remove dirt from dog hair. For combing dogs with long hair, you will need a wire brush and a special comb. Particularly carefully combed problem areas where the mats are most often formed.

Some breeds also need wool cutting. This is done not only for the appearance, but also necessary for the comfort of dogs. The hairstyle should be handled by a specialist, as each breed has its own standards. For example, york haircut is distinguished by a special attention to smooth areas, and allows you to emphasize or hide some features of the structure. Grooming poodles is necessary to prevent problems with coat, and also requires knowledge of the breed standard.

Dog'S Fur

Proper care for dog hair allows you to timely detect health problems, the appearance of skin parasites and take appropriate measures.

Diseases of the skin and coat of dogs

Wool and dog skin is an indicator of the internal state of the animal. Improper diet, internal diseases, stress and the impact of other negative factors affect the appearance of the animal. In cases of changes on the skin, such as wool, it crawls out more than usual. molting period, or the dog itches and gnaws wool, then you must contact your veterinarian. Independently diagnosing and trying to cure an animal is dangerous because due to an incorrect diagnosis, time will be lost for proper treatment and the disease will begin to progress. Dogs also have hair climbs and lack of or glut of vitamins. Vitamins for dog hair should be purchased only from reputable manufacturers with a good reputation. But the owners should understand that vitamins will not replace good nutrition and walks in the fresh air. It is much easier to prevent diseases in animals than to cure them, so from the very beginning the owners should understand the responsibility and properly care for their pet.

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