Dog Belt With His Own Hands How Easy It Is To Pile Dog Hair

Many of us live dogs that we occasionally comb out. Those who do not throw away combed dog hair, do more than wisely. From it you can pile a dog hair belt with your own hands.

It is quite easy and pretty fast. Felting one product takes about an hour with all the preparatory stages. After drying, it will only be necessary to sew on a cloth and fasten fasteners.

However, it should be noted that only wool combed out from a dog is well knitted, sheared felting does not give in, as long as you do not try. And our task is to get a very dense felt blanks, to which you can sew ribbons or attach fasteners for ease of use.

How to knit a belt of dog hair with your own hands with a photo and description of the felting process, based on personal experience, we will now tell.

What is useful dog hair

Dog Belt With His Own Hands How Easy It Is To Pile Dog Hair

Canine hair has a therapeutic effect on the human body. Both our grandfathers and grandfathers of our grandfathers knew about this. She treats radiculitis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis and arthritis, various muscle aches. Colds and kidney diseases, pains in the knees and wrists are also excellently treatable with dog hair.

The felt bandage of a dog’s hair moistened in saline solution, drying on the body, helps to get rid of bronchitis cough, relieves inflammation from the cervical region, knees and elbows. Moreover, the more prickly the belt or bandage will be, the more effective its therapeutic effect will be. Of all the products, the dog hair belt is the most famous and popular way to get rid of all kinds of back pain.

In addition, combed dog hair can be spun and knit from yarn socks, mittens, sweaters and vests. Even from a small amount of dog hair, you can pile or tie a bandage on your head (help get rid of a headache) or knee pads and cuffs on the wrists and ankles. Needless to say, all that you can do yourself from dog hair is extremely useful. It is a sin to throw out the combed dog hair.

How to easily and quickly pile up dog hair

Dog Belt With His Own Hands How Easy It Is To Pile Dog Hair

First prepare everything you need:

  • combed dog hair (we had more than half of the store package)
  • film (preferably pimply, which is used for electronics packaging), but if it wasn’t found, you can take a mosquito net or, as in our case, plastic packaging from vegetables from the supermarket;
  • basin for hot soap solution;
  • laundry soap (only the simplest is suitable, without any fragrances and softening additives);
    grater on which this soap will need to nastrogat;
  • a wooden dough rolling pin or any wooden stick (even a spade from a shovel, only shortened);
  • sprinkler spray.
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Wet felting

Dog Belt With His Own Hands How Easy It Is To Pile Dog Hair

First we take a piece of film with a margin of about 15 cm on each side of the estimated belt size. This is necessary in order to be able to tuck the edges of the “puff pie” of dog wool (this is how a rectangular shape will turn out more smoothly, and it will not be necessary to cut the precious pieces of a felt rug).

Now we take the dog’s own wool and accept it "waving." We will do it by hand, but diligently. How to do it? A small clump of dog hair is razed and gutted to a thin and fluffy state.

With such scraps we spread the entire first layer of the workpiece in one direction. We impose our disheveled shreds so that they come over one another. So we avoid bald spots and voids in the rug.

The next step, we impose a second layer, but in the opposite direction. We do not allow passes and do not forget about overlaps. So put at least 4 layers. If there is a possibility and in the presence of a lot of raw materials, it is possible and more layers.

The felt will be denser and stronger. It turned out a fluffy "puff pie" stacked on top of another shreds of dog hair.

Dog Belt With His Own Hands How Easy It Is To Pile Dog Hair

Now we need to properly moisten all this with hot soapy water. Why hot? Hot water straightens hairs, and soapy water helps them to bond together in a dense mass.

When everything is getting wet and the workpiece has become twice thinner than our fluffy original mat, you can pour on the soap solution more boldly. But not flow or stream. How tightly your entire future dog hair belt will be wetted will determine its density and durability.

In our case, the mesh allowed to shed soapy water over the top. On the one hand, this is good and convenient, on the other hand, a pimply film, although it prevents the wool from getting wet, but it does allow for very tight wool to be rolled. It is necessary to clean the top film and very carefully wet the unprotected mat.

Tuck the edges of the bottom film inward (we had a rather stiff mesh, so there were problems with tucking). Now you can cover the wet and settled mat with a second film or mesh. The resulting film pancake gently, but very tightly roll on the rolling pin (it is most convenient for our purpose).

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Dog Belt With His Own Hands How Easy It Is To Pile Dog Hair
Dog Belt With His Own Hands How Easy It Is To Pile Dog Hair

So that all this construction does not unwind and collapse in the process of felting wool, we will fix our “sausage” with a string in a spiral or elastic bands for hair along the entire length. We will beat and roll all this economy, therefore fixing is necessary reliable.

Since we are making a dog hair belt with our own hands, it is impossible to allow valuable raw materials to be lost in vain. We tie it tightly, not pulling it in order to bang the whole structure without fear and, at the same time, not to break the wet felt. We want to end up with a tight, durable belt with no torn holes.

Well, now it is the turn of the mechanical part of the work. We take a rolling pin with the workpiece wound on it and begin to wring out, roll and tap on the table from all sides or, as in our case, the bedding of wooden balls. If it is not there, it doesn’t matter – on a flat surface, best of all wood, it turns out just as good. So we ride and knock for 15-20 minutes.

Then we carefully unwind and see what happened with us. If there were bald patches or something moved, we correct it. We report on the shreds of wool voids, richly moisten with a soap solution.

Dog Belt With His Own Hands How Easy It Is To Pile Dog Hair

The bottom film is wrapped together with the edges of the wet billet to get the correct shape of the product, again we put the film on top and roll everything back onto the rolling pin. We knock, knock and roll for another 20 minutes, or even half an hour.

Dog Belt With His Own Hands How Easy It Is To Pile Dog Hair

From how much time and how diligently you will subject the workpiece to mechanical impact will depend on the density of the felt, and, consequently, the quality of the future belt of dog wool, which we now do with our own hands.

Now you can wash the “sausage” under running water. We do this without unwinding or unwrapping the blank.

Dog Belt With His Own Hands How Easy It Is To Pile Dog Hair

Then you need to untie everything, lay out the resulting felt mat on a flat surface, remove the top film and wash it again with soapy water. If you have done everything as it should, the resulting thick felt pad can even be gently rinsed.

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Felt drying

Dried in the straightened form on a towel, as we usually dry knitted things. Throw on a rope or attach to the battery can not. Felt is easily deformed, and you get a crooked, unusable product.

Dog Belt With His Own Hands How Easy It Is To Pile Dog Hair

The most important part of a dog hair belt after drying will be a thick mat, approximately the size of the width of the back or slightly longer.

We do a belt of dog wool – fabric, fasteners

Note that it is best to use a dog hair belt when it is worn over a bare body with a felted side to the skin. The fabric is needed only for the belt to serve us longer and more comfortable to keep on the figure.

It is best to cut a shape that is comfortable for the back from our blank, sheathe it on one side with a cloth for strength and sew on fasteners. Practice shows that it is most convenient for the belt of dog wool, knit with their own hands, velcro. They are the easiest to do and they will not be too voluminous, and therefore they will not interfere with walking in the treatment belt either.

Dog Belt With His Own Hands How Easy It Is To Pile Dog Hair

Do not throw out the remains. They can be sewn onto a strip of fabric and used as a medical bandage for any sore spot. It is only necessary to fix that held. You can do a kneecap, or a narrow bandage for the head. Think of how to use leftovers with benefit.

It will take very little time for a dog hair belt with your own hands, but you will not need to spend money on a purchase belt, which, moreover, is neither thick nor dense. As a rule, it is almost a translucent thin layer: short-lived and ineffective. Forgive me, sellers of dog belts!

This fact made me look for my own answer to the question of how to pile a dog hair belt with my own hands. Moreover, dogs have always lived in the house and there is enough accumulation of wool from them.

Everyone is happy with the result. Now, three family members have their own healing belts for the back. It remains only to decide who will take the belt from Tepina wool, and who will get the belt from Zlata or Risa wool.

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