Dog Allergy – Wool

If there are problems with allergies in children and adults associated with dog hair, it is recommended to consult a doctor, as other tips and information that is presented on this site is for guidance, because only an experienced doctor can examine a decision in a given situation after an examination. the patient.

There are other useful materials on the site for review, which focus on the main issues that arise in dog owners and puppies.

Allergies to dogs are there and can I get rid of or get used to it, from what

Allergy – a reaction of human immunity to protein, which is contained in the dog’s coat. It is impossible to get used to or get rid of allergies, but you can alleviate the symptoms of its allergies. It is important to take good care of your pet, to vaccinate it in time, since a healthy animal produces less ill-starred protein. And you should maintain cleanliness in the house.

Dog Allergy - Wool

What to do if you are allergic to dog hair

If you are allergic to wool, you should brush the dog more often, of course, it should be a person who does not suffer from allergies. Be sure to ventilate the apartment daily, do wet cleaning, to prevent the accumulation of wool in the corners.

Allergies to dogs and cats, symptoms in a child, what to do and treatment

If, after playing with a cat or a dog, the child began to itch, runny nose, cough, reddened eyes, these are signs of an allergy to an animal. It is necessary to limit contact with the animal, show the child to a specialist who will send an allergy to skin tests and tests, and also prescribe drugs that facilitate the progress of the disease.

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Allergies to dogs epithelium, wool and pregnancy

The allergy to dogs can be complicated by the fact that there may not be a dog in the house, and the particles of the epithelium are airborne and cause allergy attacks. There is a misconception that allergies are caused by dog ​​hair. But it is not. Allergic reactions are caused by protein in saliva, blood, urine of a dog. Possible temporary bouts of allergies, for example, during pregnancy. Such attacks have a negative effect on the future mother’s psychological and physical health and on the health of her child. Therefore, the only way to avoid serious consequences is to eliminate communication with animals.

Allergies to dogs in the form of a rash, cough, what is the essence and how to treat

With such an allergic reaction as rash on the body of the patient, a rash appears. Small areas with a rash when scratching can develop into numerous ulcers that are susceptible to infections. Itching is treated by allergosan

Cough as an allergic reaction is less common and differs from a cold cough. It will be protracted until the allergen is near. Telfast, fenkorol help get rid of allergic cough.

Allergies to dogs inflammation of the sinuses, stuffy nose and itching

If the nasal sinuses are inflamed, the nose is stuffed up and itches, these are manifestations of allergic rhinitis. So the human immune system reacts to foreign particles. Often with rhinitis, a person repeatedly sneezes in the morning time of the day, and the discharge from the nose is clear.

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Allergy to dog hair rash on the skin, what breed you can start, hypoallergenic dogs

If you are allergic to wool, or rather to protein, which is on the surface of the wool, a rash may appear, rash on the skin. Also this kind of allergy can occur on ticks living in dog hair. People with allergies are advised to have a Bichon Frize breed dog, whose wool does not cause allergies.

Allergy to dog hair folk methods and treatment of folk remedies

With such an expression of allergy as conjunctivitis, you can wash your eyes with a strong tea brew. A drop of saline will help get rid of a cold.
Oak broth compresses relieve itching. Also allergic to wool are treated with a decoction of the series.

How is allergy to dogs in infants, signs, where to pass tests

Signs of allergies in infants: a change in stool, redness of the skin, rash, swelling, a crust appears on the head. The child becomes whiny, a bright blush may appear. After consulting a specialist, blood from a baby’s vein can only be donated at a special clinic.

Allergy to dogs symptoms in adults, psychological reasons

Symptoms of allergy: cough, runny nose, rash, itching, redness of the eyes. There is a hypothesis that allergy is a psychological reaction of the body, expressed in the form of fear. In this case, only the therapist can help cope with the body’s response to the allergen.

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