Deluxe Furminator (Medium) For Shorthair Dogs

Furminator Deluxe Medium for Short-Haired Dogs (Furminator Deluxe Medium Dog Short Hair). This furminator is perfect for effective home care for dogs with short hair, as it is designed by professional groomers specifically for them. This is a unique device that perfectly combed off the dead undercoat, reducing the time of animal molting by 90%, without damaging the guard hair and the skin of dogs.

Furminator is considered to be the best tool for combing, carefully removing excess wool, preserving its health and attractive appearance. Looking after your dog with the help of a furminator, you will forever forget about the problem of tangles and the appearance of excess wool at home. At the same time, the use of the original device from the manufacturer guarantees the absence of breakdowns, the preservation of all declared properties and a long service life. We are implementing Original furminators of the American company "FURminator", and provide a guarantee.


Shedding a beloved pet is a natural and beneficial process. At home, our fluffies do not always want (can) lick off their undercoat and delight the owners with omnipresent wool and hairy “rolling stones on the floor”. And although the moult occurs twice a year, it seems that it does not stop, and the wool on clothes, beds and food causes a wild desire to shave your pet by bald. 🙂 Only this will not solve the problem (only if you do not plan to shave it once a week).

This problem was solved by Anji and David Porter, a married couple – groomers, in the USA in 1997. Drawing on their many years of experience, they created a furminator – a simple comb resembling a rake. The special design of the teeth does not cut, picking up and lifting the dead undercoat. The distance between the teeth is sufficient so that the guard pile slips between them and does not harm the skin and coat of the animal. Properly selected furminator will help your pet not only to easily get rid of excess weight of wool and dirt, it will evenly distribute the natural fatty grease throughout the pet’s hair, making it beautiful, shiny and healthy, prevent the formation of tangles and shorten the molting period by half.

How does the Furminator work?

Comparing Furminator with Others "Scamp"

How does the Furminator?

Furminator for cats and dogs is a specialized device designed to effectively comb out the undercoat of animals and reduce the period of their molt. The whole secret of the furminators lies in their unique design features.

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The comb-blade with numerous cuts is fixed on the comfortable, rubberized handle, which very quickly and painlessly remove the dead undercoat of the animal without damaging the guard hair. And if for a good-quality combing out of a pet with a standard comb, it will be necessary to spend a total of 2-3 days, then the furuminator will cope with this task in one session of intensive work with wool, removing 90% of all dead hair.

Deluxe Furminator (Medium) For Shorthair Dogs
Deluxe Furminator (Medium) For Shorthair Dogs
Deluxe Furminator (Medium) For Shorthair Dogs
Deluxe Furminator (Medium) For Shorthair Dogs
Deluxe Furminator (Medium) For Shorthair Dogs

In addition, the furminator has the following positive properties:

  • prevents excessive tangling of wool and the formation of tangles;
  • completely safe, and great for both short-haired and long-haired pets;
  • preserves the guard hair, which contributes to improving the quality of wool in general;
  • evenly distributes the animal’s natural fatty grease, making its coat shiny, soft and healthy;
  • speeds up the molting period by 2 times.

    Furminator is perfect for cats and dogs. But! If the dog has a minimal undercoat, like a crested greyhound, or it does not have it, like a Yorkshire terrier, you cannot use the furminator. In more detail the breeds of dogs for which the use of this device is not recommended are prescribed in the manufacturer’s instructions. As for the combing process itself, it is usually liked by animals and does not cause aggression on their part.

    There are two main types of Furminators:

    Furminator Classic

    Furminators of the Classic version, as well as their manufacturer, the FURminator company is widely known and popular all over the world. This is the first version of the generators released since 1997. Reliable monolithic handle and reasonable price have been in constant demand on the market for not a single year.

    Deluxe Furminator (Medium) For Shorthair Dogs

    Furminator DeLuxe

    The DeLuxe series is a new version of the familiar furminators created in 2010. Having changed the design, making furminators brighter, the developers of the model retained the quality and did not forget about the benefits. The new model has a button – FURejector, for simple, quick cleaning of the blade from wool, and the new rubberized handle does not slip in your hand and relieves tension from the hand. Also, this line is divided into long (Long Hair) and short (Short Hair) wool.

    Separately, it should be noted that the depth of combing of the wool of the classic furminator variation is equal to the version of the deluxe designed for short-haired pets. Accordingly, putting an animal with very long hair (more than 5 cm) in order by means of the classic furminator will be problematic.

    Both classic and deluxe versions are distinguished in depending on the width of the ridges. blades on:

  • small furminators (4.5 cm) recommended for combing cats;
  • furminators medium (6.8 cm) for medium-sized dogs;
  • large furminators (10 cm) for large dogs.
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Deluxe Furminator (Medium) For Shorthair Dogs

But do not forget. That this division is rather arbitrary. If a person has several pets that need combing, then he can purchase a furminator corresponding to the size of the largest of them, and then use it for all other pets.

Furminator application rules:

  1. In order to avoid damage to the pile of the animal, the furminator is used only for combing completely dry wool. To achieve the most effective results, we recommend using the device after washing and thoroughly drying your pet.
  2. Furminator allows you to comb a fairly large amount of wool at a time. Given this fact, before starting to use it, mark the animal in a place that can later be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
  3. In the process of combing, direct the furminator exclusively in the direction of growth of the pet’s hair. Perform smooth, progressive movements, avoiding excessive pressure on the handle of the device. Take extra care when combing sensitive areas — legs, abdomen, anus, and genitals.

Excessively pressing the furminator handle, excessively deep or rough cleaning can damage the delicate skin of animals, cause irritation and pain. Perhaps even the appearance of burns in pets, the skin of which is sensitive to any effects. Immediately stop combing, if you notice irritation or redness on the skin during the use of the feedminator, otherwise the animal may be seriously injured!

Before using the furminator, you must carefully examine your pet for damage – wounds, abrasions, irritations, rashes or bruises. If any, use of the device is strictly prohibited! You should contact the veterinarian, conduct procedures of a therapeutic nature and only then resume combing using a furminator.

Frequently asked questions about Furminator and answers to them:

How often should the furminator be used?

Furminator carefully enough removes dead wool, and therefore suitable for daily use. However, practice shows that this is not necessary. Most pet animals can be combed with a furminator 1-2 times a week for 10-20 minutes. Such hoopoe is guaranteed to reduce the molting period and reduce the amount of dead pile by 90%.

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Furminator cuts wool?

Original furuminators from the manufacturer do not cut animal hair and do not damage the guard hair during use. They gently remove unwanted undercoat and already dead pile.

Will the furminator help prevent the formation of mats in an animal?

The School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufta University has confirmed the fact that regular use of a furminator prevents the formation of tangles and wool entanglement in pets. Moreover, it was recognized as the number one tool for reducing the amount of dead undercoat and reducing the molt period.

Do I need to sharpen or change the working surface of the furminator over time?

As a rule, the working surface of the furminator does not need to be replaced during the entire period of the pet’s life. But in order to avoid loss of the useful properties of the device, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly clean the surface of the furminator after use, and then store it in a specialized protective case that comes with the product. If necessary, the working surface of large and super-large furminators should be replaced, but small-sized models do not have such an option.

Is it possible to use a furminator in winter or in the cold months of the year?

Since the furminator removes only the dead animal hair, it can be used at any time of the year completely harmless.

Can I use a furminator to care for a terrier?

The device copes with combing terriers and most other breeds of dogs, without damaging the top layer of wool.

Is it possible to use a furminator to remove tangles?

Furminator is designed exclusively for combing. Before using it, it is necessary to remove the existing tangles or to make sure they are not present The same should be done with matted wool.

Practice shows that the furminator is really indispensable during the molting period. At other times, it should be used as needed – at least 1 time per month and no more than 1-2 times per week for 10-20 minutes, depending on the characteristics of the animal’s hair.

How to get a quality Furminator and not run into a cheap fake?

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