Dachshund Wool Care Tools

Dachshund dog hair care

With the onset of seasonal molting, the dog’s coat needs careful care. The owners should help the animal get rid of the falling hair. Every day you need to wipe the coat with a damp cloth. The procedure is carried out in the bathroom after you walked the animal. Wet surface perfectly collects wool, which are easily washed off. Caring for a long-haired dachshund will be more difficult. It must be regularly combed. Dogs in most cases respond better to a snag brush, made in the form of gloves with teeth. But the standard for short-haired dogs will not please everyone.

At first, a comb for dogs with long hair can alarm the animal. There is a tricky way, using which you will be able to teach your pet to this process. Combing can be combined with a walk. when the dog plays in the fresh air, you need to calm the dachshund and start combing the wool on the street. Upon completion of the procedure, the animal is given a treat and it continues to frolic.

Dachshund Wool Care Tools

Choosing a tool for combing hair dogs

It is important to choose a suitable tool for the care of your fourfold friend. For combing dogs used brush-comb. It is necessary to choose it depending on the type of wool. For dogs with long or medium hair, a special brush is selected, equipped with metal rods. High-quality puhoderka for dogs with long hair is necessary for thick wool. To care for short-haired dogs, a rubber glove is used to comb the dog’s fur. With its help not only small hairs are combed out, but also a dog’s skin massage is performed.

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Dachshund Wool Care Tools

To care for different types of wool, you can purchase a universal furminator. The easiest will be a glove for removing the hair of dogs, and besides, the pet gets used to it very quickly.

Many dog ​​owners resort to using a car vacuum cleaner for grooming. Owners of dogs of long-haired breeds often face such a problem as the formation of mats. It is easy to avoid, if every day to comb out your pet, which will take no more than a few minutes. To do this, suitable glove for wool dogs or comb, equipped with long teeth. She is not difficult to carry on wool, "stirring" hairs.

Rules for combing dachshund wool

Pet’s hair should be combed only in the direction of its growth:

When deciding how to comb a dog from wool, you need to start from the head itself and move along the back, approaching the tail;

If your pet has longer hair on the back and head than on the paws, then in spite of this you need to comb the whole animal. Quality comb for dog hair is considered a universal tool that must be at your disposal;

Fully combing the dog can be no more than once a week, otherwise problems with the state of the coat and the growth of the undercoat may begin.

We cut wool on paws

Many owners are interested in how to cut the hair on the paws of the dog, so let’s look at this issue. In fact, everything is very simple. To make the procedure easy and painless for your animal, you will need a dog hair clipper, with which hairs are carefully removed.

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