Combs For Yorkshire Terriers

Combs For Yorkshire Terriers

Wool Yorkshire terriers different special structure. It is thin and very similar to human hair. Small dogs do not shed, each hair grows from one bulb, there is no undercoat. Due to this specificity, hairs are prone to brittleness and can sekhe, if you do not regularly take care of them.

Types of combs for york

Grooming Yorkshire terriers will require many adaptations. York hair should be combed regularly, even if it is a pet-class dog. Caring for an animal that has a show career will require more tools in order for the coat and appearance to meet the standards.

Home Grooming Tools

For pets who do not participate in exhibitions, will be enough:

  • Massage comb with metal teeth. This device for daily combing, it should be used after walking, sleeping and removing clothes. It gently affects the hairs, not confusing them, improves blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on hair growth;
  • Pukhoderka. Used only for animals not participating in the exhibition. She can effectively and painlessly untangle the felted wool. It is recommended to combine with blow-drying: a directional air flow well pulls off wool;
  • Metal comb. Necessary for the final stage of combing. He smoothes his hair, makes sure that there is no confusion and nodules, and is convenient for the formation of hairstyles;
  • Comb with a thin metal handle-spoke. Need for those dogs that wear top notes. With its help it is convenient to distribute the strands.

Exhibition Grooming Tools

Owners of Yorkshire terriers who regularly participate in shows and shows should also be purchased:

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  • Large natural bristle brush. It can be used with daily care, as well as it is necessary for polishing and smoothing the wool before entering the ring;
  • Similar brush small size. It is useful for styling wool in the hair and for winding hairs on papilotki;
  • Massage brush with very long teeth. She needs to use to give the wool maximum showiness just before entering the ring.

How to choose a good comb for York?

First of all, it should be remembered that plastic brushes and combs are not suitable for Yorkshire terriers, they electrify hair and confuse them. Therefore, even if the body of the device is made of plastic, the teeth should be covered with metal.

It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of materials and the size of devices. Yorks are miniature dogs, so the tools must be chosen so that they can be used to effectively comb hard-to-reach places. The teeth must be rounded, otherwise you can scratch the delicate skin.

Combing york right

The procedure of combing begins with the preparation. All tools and necessary cosmetic accessories should be in the same place and next to the table where the dog is combed.

Manipulations are carried out with one hand, the other hold the pet. You need to start from the back and sides, combing carefully so as not to jerk the occasional katun. If it is found, then it can be disassembled by hand and use the Pokhoderka. For investment should take advantage of a specialized spray. After the back and sides, you need to do the belly.

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When the first stage of combing is completed, the wool should be smoothed with a metal comb and apply the necessary cosmetics to make it silky and shiny.

In the most extreme cases, if the wool is very felted and the attempts to unravel the pain to the pet, but do not bring success, you will have to use a cutter to remove a very tangled nodule.

Peculiarities of hairline in Yorkshire terriers require careful and careful handling. Combing is not enough for the procedure of combing; aids are needed to facilitate the separation of wool into beautiful strands.

Royal Groom Spray, designed specifically for Yorkshire terrier dogs, not only prevents the formation of tangles, but also moisturizes the coat, maintaining the natural structure of the hair and skin health.

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