Combs For Dogs How To Choose

A few rules of care

Combs for dogs should be every owner of the four-legged friend. However, such a tool must be able to use. Improper care may adversely affect the condition of the animal’s coat. Here are a few rules:

  1. You should not scratch dirty or dry wool. She will break. Irritation of the skin may occur. Before the procedure is to slightly moisten the hair of the animal. Water can be diluted with air conditioning.
  2. Do not comb your pet immediately after swimming. A dog comb can deform the hairs and pull them out easily.

Combs For Dogs How To Choose

Slicker, or Puhoderka

Such combs for dogs, photos of which can be seen above, are popular not only among dog breeders, but also among cat owners. Not everyone knows not only how to choose the right tool, but also how to use it. There are several basic criteria that you should pay attention to when buying a slicker:

  1. The teeth should not be too soft or rigidly attached to the base. In addition, the tool should not scratch the skin.
  2. The length of the teeth must be chosen in accordance with the length of the coat. The tool must reach the skin.
  3. There should be no balls at the end of the teeth. It will only hurt the coat more.

Features of the pouderka

Such combs for dogs can be used while drying the coat of an animal. As a result, the scalp is not so much stuck in the future. Slicker allows you to quickly comb out after a walk the leaves and twigs.

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Similar ridges come in different lengths. At the same time, the Pooderhoke can be with or without a pen. The distance between the teeth can also be different. A quality tool should be well combed wool without scratching the skin. Punkherka teeth should be stiff, smooth and strong enough, as well as with slightly tapered tips. There are certain selection criteria. If the pet’s coat is long and thick, then you need to choose a comb with long teeth. There should also be a great distance between them. Otherwise, the wool will be injured.

Combs For Dogs How To Choose

Such combs for dogs are used mainly for styling wool when blow-drying. They are also used for breaking knotted lumps, as well as for combing the undercoat.

Comb for dogs: furminator

This tool is simply indispensable for those whose pet has a moderate length of hair or very short. It usually takes up to 4 days to remove dead hair. This is quite a laborious process. And not always the usual comb for dogs copes with this task. The furminator allows you to remove up to 90% of dead hairs in just one session. In the instructions, manufacturers usually indicate not only how to use such a comb, but also how often to carry out the procedure. The manufacturer recommends using a furminator only a few times a week. In this case, the procedure should last about 20 minutes. Many owners are shocked by the amount of wool collected by the tool. Do not be afraid.


This tool should not be used by beginners. This comb requires some experience. If you do not know how to use koltunorezy, then you should not start. With inept use can greatly injure the skin of the animal. If the pet has appeared mats, then you should contact the experts who will help to remove them through a regular haircut or disassemble. Be careful when choosing tools for grooming dogs.

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