Combing Dogs

Combing dogs – This is a procedure for the care of the wool of various breeds of dogs, aimed at giving the wool grooming and getting rid of tangles.


Combing is the simplest procedure for taking care of dogs, but is done daily or slightly less. It gives wool a well-groomed look, and also significantly affects the health of your pet.

Combing the hair of dogs of different breeds requires a different approach. Systematic combing of dogs is carried out to get rid of lumps of dirt, dead skin, particles of dead skin and to avoid the appearance of matted hair and tangles. Although it is fairly easy to comb a dog, it still requires certain skills and, of course, tools for combing. Cosmetics will not be redundant

Combing is also carried out in order to improve the ventilation of the skin, to distribute the natural fatty component. Combing improves blood circulation, is a massage and improves the condition of the dog. Proper and regular care will prevent the appearance of parasites, fleas and ticks. Also, combing is considered an educational measure, a learning to endure.

Combing different types of dog hair

The easiest way to carry out combing sleek-haired dogs. For such dogs, combing is necessary several times a week with a brush of medium hardness. For long-haired and mid-haired dogs, combing is done daily and more thoroughly. For such dogs, combs with occasional blunt teeth are used, and they use the Pusherka 1-2 times per month. When moulting, combing with a puhoderka is more frequent. Special care is also necessary for small dogs with delicate hair and skin, because such dogs need to be combed daily, but very carefully. In addition, these dogs during the weather is better to wear special overalls that protect their delicate hair from rain, snow and wind. For wire-haired dogs, you must purchase a bristle brush or a brush with metal teeth.

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Dogs that have a beard need to brush their beard daily. So, after eating, the dog with a beard needs to wipe the beard and carefully comb it.

Combing Tools

Nowadays there are many different tools for combing dogs. Tools can be both simple and professional. Furminator

The furminator is a comb with a thick rubber handle and a steel blade with teeth. A furminator is designed to reduce molting in dogs (it is believed that the efficiency reaches 90%). So, a special blade with teeth removes the dead undercoat without damaging the guard hair. This tool is also intended for the prevention of mats. In addition, when combing, the furminator distributes the natural fatty component, which means that the dog’s coat becomes soft and looks healthy. Already created mats Furminator will not be able to comb.

Trimming is a comb designed to care for wire-haired dogs. It is used for combing and removing undercoat, cutting the awn. There are a large number of types of trimming, which are selected for a particular type of coat dogs. There are trimmers with a straight blade or a concave; with straight, oblique, sparse or frequent teeth.

Slicker shrugs are used to combing the middle and long-haired dogs. Slow-walkers are designed to give six volume, for combing out faded wool. The tool prevents tangles and tangles, but often this tool is not recommended. It is possible to use the poukhoderka no more than 1-2 times a month, with molting possible more often.

Slow walkers come in two types of stiffness. with hard cord and soft cord. With a hard cord designed for dogs with thick long hair, and with a soft cord for other types of wool.

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Combs and combs

It is the most important tool for combing dogs of any kind of wool. There are many different types of combs and combs, which are divided into groups:

  • from metal, plastic and wood;
  • with rare, frequent and combined teeth;
  • single and double;
  • with short, medium and long teeth;
  • with fixed and rotating teeth.

Also, brushing dogs is necessary for combing dogs. They massage the skin, help get rid of mats and prevent their appearance. Divided into groups:

  • made of wood, metal, plastic, rubber, bristles;
  • unilateral and bilateral;
  • homogeneous and combined.

Combing Dogs

Combing cosmetics

How to comb

It is recommended to accustom the dog to combing almost from birth. This is necessary so that the dog can sit quietly until the procedure ends. It is necessary to comb it confidently, clearly and not to cause a pain or discomfort to the pet.

Combing short-haired dogs. for combing dogs with short hair, it is necessary to brush along the wool from neck to tail, and after using the brush to hold the coat with a damp cloth.

Combing long-haired and medium-haired dogs takes longer than short-haired dogs. Combing wool is recommended from the roots, and not just the top layer of wool. It is better to start from the neck, and then smoothly move to the back, sides and abdomen. If the large integument of the ears is a beard, then comb these places as well. It is necessary to comb wool well on the head, legs and paws.

In the event that a koltun is found, it is necessary to disassemble it by hand with a special spray. If this is not possible, then use a cutter. Leaving mats is strictly forbidden, as it causes trouble for the dog (a good breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria).

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The very process of combing long-haired dogs takes at least 10-15 minutes, but it is worth remembering that dry wool cannot be combed; it should be lightly moistened with water from a spray bottle or sprayed for easy combing. After combing it is necessary to hold a damp cloth along the direction of hair growth in order to remove dead hair.

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