Choosing The “Right” Comb For A Dog November 16, 2011, Care Categories

There is a whole arsenal of brushes, scallops and puhoderok that will help keep the dog’s coat in good condition. But how to navigate in all the variety of accessories?

In order not to hurt the dog, use a comb with blunt teeth, which do not injure the skin. Best of all, when the teeth of the comb rotate. Using this design facilitates combing of matted wool.

If you do not know what length of teeth to choose, be guided by the length of your dog’s coat. The longer the coat, the longer the comb teeth should be. Combs with rare teeth are designed for thick hair, and for short-haired dogs, frequent teeth are more convenient.

If you want to part the hair of your pet or part it, there should be a comb with frequent teeth and a long narrow end in the arsenal.

There are many types of brushes for dogs. Which one to use is up to you. It all depends on the type of coat your four-legged friend. Most dogs are perfect brush with bristles (natural and artificial).

Natural bristle brush with nylon

For dogs with medium or long hair, you can use an iron brush or a puhoder, which looks like a massage brush with wire teeth. With its help, it is convenient to comb out the mats and put in order the wool on the ears and paws of your furry handsome. Choosing Pukhoderka, pay attention to the fact that her teeth were not too frequent. They must be firmly fixed in the base and have non-sharp tips.

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Choosing The "Right" Comb For A Dog November 16, 2011, Care Categories

If your pet has hard wool, buy a comb for it. With it, you can easily comb out tangled wool and mats.

Rare-tooth comb

And for dogs with a thick undercoat, a furminator will be useful – a brush against shedding. This simple tool effectively removes dead hair, reducing molting by 90%, and prevents the formation of tangles.

Perfectly copes with combing shedding wool and trimming-knife. Regularly using such a knife with teeth, you will notice that the amount of dog hair on your carpets and upholstered furniture has noticeably decreased.

Trimming knife

In addition, you can come in handy: a massage brush with rare metal teeth (for everyday use), a brush with natural bristles (various oils, balms and conditioners are applied to the wool) and a rubber massage glove made of rubber (for short-haired dogs). And if your fleece’s fleece was chosen by fleas, a special anti-flea brush is indispensable for combating these parasites.

Choosing The "Right" Comb For A Dog November 16, 2011, Care Categories

Choosing The "Right" Comb For A Dog November 16, 2011, Care Categories

Brush your dog every day or at least once every two days. The process will bring your pet incredible pleasure, and its wool will always be beautiful and shiny. You can bathe a dog no more than once every three months. More frequent washing will damage the skin structure. But it is necessary to rinse the paws after a walk in wet weather, only without soap!

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