Choosing Beneficial Vitamins For Dog Hair And Skin

Every person who has a pet takes care of him and tries to give him everything possible so that he is healthy and beautiful. The main decoration of each dog is its wool, so it is necessary to monitor it very carefully and provide the pet with proper nutrition and care. The silkiness, hardness and luster of wool depends not only on regular washing and combing, but also on proper selection of vitamins.

Choosing Beneficial Vitamins For Dog Hair And Skin


All dogs, twice a year, periodically change the coat. Molting usually lasts about 4-5 weeks, in spring and autumn. At this time, the animal’s hair begins to clump up and must be constantly combed out. In some pets, molting can occur all year round, so the owners should take care of the pet and visit the vet to determine the possible causes of prolonged hair loss.

To stop the molt, you must enter into the diet of the animal nutritional supplements, which include:

  • fatty acid;
  • vitamin b;
  • biotin;
  • amino acids;
  • Brewer’s yeast.

Such components will accelerate the process of molting, relieve the animal from the unpleasant itching of the skin. It is necessary to pay special attention to preventive drugs that will help animals to transfer shedding much easier and prevent many skin problems.

Causes of hair loss

Many pet owners, very often faced with the problem of hair loss. Molting in animals occurs twice a year, but if it is prolonged or the dog’s coat starts to fall out in summer or winter, you should contact your veterinarian. Most often, problems with wool can occur for a number of reasons:

  1. unhealthy diet;
  2. ringworm;
  3. parasites;
  4. improper care;
  5. allergy;
  6. medications that change hormones;
  7. stressful situations;
  8. serious diseases.

Choosing Beneficial Vitamins For Dog Hair And Skin

All pets need proper care, proper and rational nutrition, attention and love of the owners. If you have the slightest problem with the skin of the animal, you need to know the causes and eliminate them.

Before buying vitamins, be sure to visit the vet and get professional advice. It is at the reception that the specialist will determine the problem and prescribe the necessary treatment.

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Drop Protection

To the loss of wool in animals, most often leads to a deficiency of minerals and vitamins B, which are contained in feed in very small quantities. To prevent this problem, it is necessary to adjust the diet of the dog, as well as introduce healthy supplements.

To prevent a dog from starting to go bald, it is necessary to monitor its health, not to abuse hormonal agents, dry food. All skin care products must be of high quality, based on natural ingredients.

Vitamins will help to reduce the process of hair loss and remove the itching of the skin; they will make the wool beautiful and delicate. Also, it is necessary to provide the pet with complete care, to feed him only with natural products, in which there are no allergens.

At the first appearance of bald areas, it is necessary to find out the reason for their appearance. If this does not happen in the molting phase, then it is not normal for a healthy animal and it is necessary to immediately take some control measures.

Preparations for the growth of wool

All dog lovers should remember that at the first signs of hair loss, you should immediately enter vitamins into the pet’s diet. Wool deterioration is the first sign that the dog lacks some minerals and substances. To determine which vitamins are necessary for your pet, only a veterinarian can. If a dog has problems with wool, then you should purchase special vitamins for it.

Very often long-haired breeds suffer from hair loss, especially during shedding. Such dogs are ideal drugs with vitamin E, garlic, amino acids and trace elements. They will make the coat more smooth, healthy and shiny and strengthen the immune system of the animal, improve skin condition.

From hair loss, will also help fertilizing, as part of which there is brewer’s yeast. They have a positive effect not only on the dog’s coat, but also on the skin, and also prevent liver diseases.

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Choosing Beneficial Vitamins For Dog Hair And Skin

In order for the wool to be beautiful, thick and shiny, you need to give your pets drugs that include fatty acids. They well stimulate the growth of undercoat, prevent hair loss and dandruff.

It is very important to remember that an oversupply of vitamins in the animal’s body is very dangerous, and without consulting the doctor you cannot enter them into the pet’s body, because it can lead to the death of the pet.

Vitamins for skin problems

Pets suffer not only from hair loss, but also skin problems. If a pet has dandruff, it can lack very important and beneficial vitamins – B and A. In addition, lack of vitamins and unhealthy diet, parasites, a weakened immune system can lead to many diseases:

A huge number of diseases caused by a shortage of beneficial trace elements in the animal, and in the first place, the disease can be seen if you monitor the condition of the skin and hair of your pet. Vitamins strengthen the dog’s body, saturate it with essential elements, amino acids.

In order for an animal to be healthy, it is necessary to provide it with proper care, bathing, and proper nutrition with the necessary vitamins.


All supplements that are introduced into the diet of the dog must be selected carefully and carefully, taking into account the various features of the animal:

  • age;
  • breed;
  • diet;
  • period of growth, reproduction.

Choosing Beneficial Vitamins For Dog Hair And Skin

The choice of useful additives for wool depends primarily on the diet of the animal and how it is saturated. The less a pet gets useful micronutrients with daily food, the richer and richer the composition of vitamins should be.

When choosing vitamins for a dog, it is necessary to consult with a veterinarian to determine which drugs are necessary for the animal. When choosing vitamins that will ensure the best growth of wool, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the composition, since it should contain natural macro and microelements, as well as fatty acids, linseed oil, fish oil, algae and other components.

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Today, there are a huge number of manufacturers that produce drugs for pets that improve the growth of wool, making it soft, beautiful, soft.

  1. Canina pharma GmbH;
  2. Beaphar;
  3. Gelabon Plus;
  4. Sanal;
  5. Gelakan.

This is one of the most popular and sought-after brands that are very popular among dog breeders. All products manufactured by these companies are made from natural ingredients, they are designed not only to prevent molting, but also to improve skin condition.

All these vitamins are made only on the basis of natural ingredients that are completely safe for the life and health of pets. Thanks to their positive effects on the body, the dog recovers much faster, and a balanced composition nourishes the immune system with all the necessary components.

In order for the animal to be healthy and beautiful, it is necessary to monitor the diet and, if necessary, introduce supplements. The skin and coat of the dog can tell a lot about the state of health of the pet and about the lack of essential trace elements. Pets, like people, need useful trace elements and their shortage can be compensated by special preparations.

High-quality and good drugs can not cost very cheap, but you should not save on the pet’s health and look for cheaper options.

At different periods of the life of your beloved pet, you need to follow him and pay attention to every noticeable detail and detail. Vitamins D and A, as well as other trace elements, which can lead to various diseases, are very important for dog’s coat and skin.

In order for the fur and skin of the pet of the whole family to be pleased with its thickness, beauty, velvetiness, shine, you must not forget to care for it, properly feed it and always visit the vet who can notice any changes in the animal.

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