Breed Dogs Without Wool

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Breed Dogs Without Wool

Now there is a huge variety of breeds of dogs, which differ in including the type of wool. There are short-haired, long-haired, wire-haired dogs … and there are no wool at all! What are the breeds of dogs without hair, where did they come from and how to care for them?

How did the breed of dogs without hair?

Despite the fact that on all continents, except Australia, dogs without hair were found, it is believed that the birthplace of bald dogs is Africa. It was there that unusual dogs appeared, in which the wool either completely disappeared or remained on the head, tail and fingers.

Some believe that dogs without wool are hypoallergenic, but this is a delusion. So if you suffer from allergies and decide to have a dog without wool, you should carefully consider this issue and talk with at least several representatives of the selected breed to see if you can really live in the same house.

What are the breeds of dogs without wool?

FCI (International Canine Federation) officially recognized 4 breeds of dogs without hair.

American Hairless Terrier

In 1972 a puppy without hair appeared in the litter of hunting dogs. He became the ancestor of the breed American naked terrier.

Breed Dogs Without Wool

In the photo: an American naked terrier. Photo:

American hairless terriers are small dogs (up to 40 cm, weight about 7 kg). Their skin is pink with reddish, golden, black or grayish spots.

These are playful agile dogs, smart and friendly, although, like most terriers, they are somewhat stubborn. The hunting instinct is still strong in them, so the American naked terrier often shows aggression towards other animals.

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Chinese Crested Dog

Now dogs of this breed are quite popular, including thanks to their exotic appearance. However, among the representatives of the breed there are not only bald, but also the so-called "down" dogs, quite a "fur". Detailed information about this breed of dogs without hair can be found in our encyclopedia: Chinese Crested Dog.

Breed Dogs Without Wool

In the photo: Chinese Crested Dog. A photo : wikipet

Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless Dog)

According to legend, it was the Mexican hairless dogs who were the guides of the souls of the dead Aztecs to the spirit world, so the dogs were burned along with the body of the owner.

Breed Dogs Without Wool

In the photo: Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican hairless dog). Photo: wikipet

Mexican hairless dogs are graceful, long-legged creatures. Xoloitzcuintle sizes can be standard (45 – 60 cm at the withers), medium (36 – 45 cm at the withers) or miniature (25 – 35 cm at the withers). The weight of Mexican hairless dogs varies in the range of 11-18 kg. By the way, among puppies there are both naked and covered with wool.

Mexican hairless dogs are benevolent, intelligent, easy to learn and do not bark. They adore attention and hardly endure loneliness.

Alas, it is precisely the Mexican hairless dogs that are often called “the ugliest dogs in the world.”

Peruvian bald dog

Another breed of dogs without hair is a Peruvian bald dog, which is considered a national treasure in its homeland.

Breed Dogs Without Wool

In the photo: Peruvian bald dog. Photo:

There are 3 varieties of Peruvian bald dogs:

  • Small (height at withers 40 cm, weight 8 kg).
  • Medium (height about 50 cm, weight about 12 kg).
  • Large (height about 60 cm, weight about 23 kg).
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The skin of a Peruvian bald dog can be of any color, from beige to black, monochromatic or spotty. Some dogs grow hair on their paws, tail, along the spine and on the head.

By their nature, Peruvian bald dogs are calm, patient, but at the same time quite active. They do not hesitate to rush to the defense of the owner.

How to care for dogs without wool?

As you can guess, representatives of breeds of dogs without wool need special care. It may seem that it is easy to care for such dogs, because they do not shed, but many other troubles await the owner.

It is worth washing dogs without wool twice a week using special care products for such dogs. After bathing, it is necessary to lubricate the skin of hairless dogs with a special cream.

In the summer you need to treat dogs without hair sunscreen to prevent burns. And in winter, of course, bald dogs will need clothes and shoes. In addition, throughout the year, the skin of hairless dogs must be treated with a moisturizer.

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