A Puppy Gets Wool Without Vitamins And The Pet Starts To Fall Ill

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A Puppy Gets Wool Without Vitamins And The Pet Starts To Fall Ill


Care, care, health, full development of the puppy’s hair

Before you start talking about the care of the coat, you should understand that the puppy. this is not an adult dog. It grows, develops, and appearance depends on how its lifestyle is. Each owner is trying to do everything necessary for the full development of their home favorite. For certain types of breeds there is a special diet, exercise, vitamins and much more. Like all life on earth, dogs also sometimes get sick. To determine how a pet begins to fall ill, we are helped by wool, its appearance and structure.

What should look like a hair coat in a healthy puppy?

The density and density of the cover, the purity of the skin, the shade of wool that plays in the sun, speak of good health and proper development of the whole dog’s body.

The density of the hair structure, visually should be visible greasy.

Properly balanced nutrition, combing and timely walking are mandatory, minimum requirements for full development! Diseases and Recommendations for Toy Terrier

What signs of disease can be determined by hair loss?

Definitely, if a puppy itches, tearing his skin with claws, trying to bite himself in a certain place, he experiences suffering, itching, discomfort. These can be flea, tick, lichen or worms dermatitis. All these troubles can be easily overcome; it is enough every six months or once a year, depending on the breed and weight, to give the animal special preparations. Any veterinary pharmacist will be able to find the right medicine for your puppy.

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Important! If you find a mite on the skin, red spots, blisters, be sure to consult your veterinarian. Prescribe treatment and determine which disease can only specialist.

Hair loss, peeling of the skin often suggest that the puppy lacks vitamins in the body, immunity is weakened, and this can lead to the development of rickets. It is necessary to diversify the diet, and walk more in the fresh air with a younger guard. Thus, the appetite will increase, and he will have a craving for eating more high-calorie foods.

Representatives of long-haired breeds must be combed so that the wool does not roll into balls, and the skin, and this is one of the most important moments for the puppies, breathed literally. The pores on the skin of dogs should allocate a sufficient amount of fat and fat deposits in order for the hair to be thick and dense in structure.

Dull, too soft coat. a sign of a serious disturbance in the body, it can be associated with the bladder, intestinal diseases.

A Puppy Gets Wool Without Vitamins And The Pet Starts To Fall Ill

Under no circumstances should petite bones be given to small dogs. small chicken bones, pork ribs, beef, bones that crumble, breaking off into small pieces. Such bones act in a puppy’s small stomach, like millet or an ear that fell into the dog’s ear, stuck under the skin, and you cannot pull it out. the opposite effect. If you start to pull out, the stuck sharp ends will cut through the skin, so only surgery will help in this situation. A puppy’s small stomach is not able to digest small bones that hurt him from the inside. This is a long and painful process that is very difficult to cure. The dog eventually starts having diarrhea, the stool comes out with blood, the coat begins to fall out in pieces, the gums bleed. These are all signs of stomach trouble. Medium breeds are also not recommended to give such bones to large dogs. permissible, but not puppies! Diseases and recommendations for the bulldog

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How to add shine to the dog’s fur?

There are many ways, for example, you can make special masks for hair, add vitamins to food or buy various delicacies, which include everything necessary for the normal functioning of the animal.

Bathe the puppy in a specially defended burdock broth. Properly selected, good shampoo is very important, carefully study the composition of products.

Puppies care a lot more secrets. Experienced breeders, dog breeders, club holders can talk about it for hours. There are a huge number of books on this topic. Always go to such a step as buying a puppy, thoughtfully. After all, you have to wake up early in the morning to walk the dog, not to spoil the carpets and accustom to the street. You must understand that the puppy also has to get used to you, it is especially important to get acquainted, at least theoretically, with the breed of dog. If there are small children in the family, experts do not advise starting a large dog, so go to this step especially consciously.

Getting yourself a faithful friend, remember that you take on bail a small animal, and care, care, work, love are necessary daily. After all, "we are responsible for those who have tamed", any puppy, kitten, hamster. a small creature that takes at least two years to fully develop to become strong and healthy. Of course, the worries and worries do not end there!

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