5 Rules For Grooming Dogs That You Should Know About

Given the current realities, we offer a review of 5 tasks that we should be familiar with in order to really properly care for a dog.

1. Preparations for visiting a canine barber

5 Rules For Grooming Dogs That You Should Know About

An animal for whom the dog hairdresser is an unknown person can be very stressed during a haircut. Therefore, it is best to tame a pet to such visits from the first months of life. If the puppy realizes that a haircut is not at all scary, then, as an adult dog, he will not be afraid of such a procedure. It is also worth trying to make the dog befriend the person who will cut it. Due to this, she would rather agree to such events.

If we talk about some practical aspects related to preparing the dog for a visit to the hairdresser, it is necessary, first of all, to redeem it, take it for a long walk and not feed it just before the manipulation.

2. Frequency of visits to the dog hairdresser

5 Rules For Grooming Dogs That You Should Know About

The question of how often you need to visit a hairdresser for dogs depends on many factors, some of which relate to the individual preferences of the owner, as well as the characteristics of the animal’s hair. It is assumed that this should be done once every 2-3 months. For large dogs, body care manipulations can be done a little less frequently.

First of all, you need to monitor your pet and control the length of his coat. If you can see how the hair begins to close his eyes, which leads to a feeling of discomfort, this may be a reason for going to a specialist. Perhaps, going with a dog to a haircut, it is worth considering the full package of services – with bathing and combing, in order to refresh its appearance and bring some pleasure to your pet.

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Grooming dogs does not belong to the simplest questions: it takes a lot of time and is quite expensive. But to entrust this procedure is still worth a specialist. But some manipulations, such as bathing or combing, the owner is able to perform independently.

3. Bathing frequency

5 Rules For Grooming Dogs That You Should Know About

This, as in the case of visits to the hairdresser, is an individual question for each dog. What matters is what breed is a pet, how often he is walked, how much he likes to get dirty. The principle is simple: bathe the dog as often as necessary. In simple water you can bathe every day, if she likes it. The main thing is to pay attention to the fact that the liquid does not fall into the ears and nose of the animal. If we are talking about washing with the use of soap and other cosmetics, then this procedure should be carried out at least 2-3 times a year.

4. Combing

5 Rules For Grooming Dogs That You Should Know About

For a dog, combing is a very important grooming procedure, especially when the animal has a long coat. It would be best to comb the dog daily to avoid disease and the formation of tangles. However, the owner does not always have time for this, and not every dog ​​can be called supporter of combing. To do this, it is worth going to the dog hairdresser once for a while. He will gently and professionally clean the pet and thereby help him avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of tangled and felted wool.

5. Cosmetics for care

5 Rules For Grooming Dogs That You Should Know About

On the market now you can find a variety of different cosmetics intended for the care of dog hair. This is the only detergent that should be used for bathing pets. In no case should not use products designed for people – only special conditioners and shampoos do not harm pets. Such will not irritate the skin and are completely safe. In addition, they contain special ingredients that allow washing away dirt from wool, while maintaining a healthy and beautiful appearance.

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Daring to buy a four-legged friend, you need to remember about your responsibility. This little creature expects joy and pleasure from a person, not torment and discomfort due to negligence or inexperience.

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